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Storage Solutions

Data Center Environmentals - Extreme Makeover Part 2

In my previous blog, I started a discussion on power consumption, control and the impact storage has in the data center. This is a front-and-center issue in Australia, and requires new thinking and new investments to sustain government goals and [...]

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JBOD in Clustered Computing

I enjoyed reading Hu’s blog on JBOD and the tight integration needed for today’s applications. In the spirit of adding on to this discussion, I tend to see patterns around JBOD usage that deserve some additional (econ) attention: When a [...]

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What can HDS do for you?

I’m very pleased and excited to be part of a company that has a compelling vision, focused on solving customers’ business challenges, AND continues to execute toward that vision in a steady drumbeat of announcements, enhancements and new product introductions. [...]

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Convergence of File, Block and Objects

Convergence is the coming together of two or more entities for efficiency and ease of use. Last November I started posting a blog series on trends for 2012. Among the trends I identified was the movement from consolidation to convergence. [...]

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Virtualization Redefines Tier 1 Storage

When you Google the definition of tier 1 storage you get a variety of results. In older definitions of storage tiers, it was all about the media—tier 1 was expensive hard disks, while tier 2 was optical disk and tier [...]

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Data Virtualization with HCP

What is Data Virtualization? Data virtualization is the separation of data from the application so that it can be maintained and accessed independent of the application. It also means that it can be accessed by other applications without the need [...]

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2012: A Focus on Increasing Storage Utilization

This is the first of a series of posts on what I expect to see in 2012 and how we can respond to these trends. While data growth continues to explode, the budget to increase storage capacity will be limited [...]

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Cloud Strategy and the Influencer Summit 2011

The inaugural Influencer Summit 2011 was a tremendous success! Industry and financial analysts as well as some key bloggers traveled from all over to meet with HDS and spend a day, plus some, talking strategy, industry and futures. Although the [...]

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For those of us who know the Hawaiian Island of Maui, HANA is fondly remembered as that little town on the southern tip where you can buy shaved ice at Hasegawa’s general store. Today, HANA is known in the IT industry [...]

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Virtualization - The Foundation For Cloud

With the announcement of our cloud strategy and portal, it is very obvious that virtualization is a key enabler. It frees data from the bounds of the infrastructure and from the limitations of the application so that it can be [...]

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The Road To HDS Cloud

Today HDS made an important announcement supporting our commitment to cloud, and it came in two parts. First, we announced and provided details behind our vision of where cloud is headed: from infrastructure towards content and then information cloud. Second, [...]

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All Data Has Value

The trends are clear and spectacular. We create, collect and store an immense amount of data and information at an exponential rate. IDC research has shown that in 2009 there were 800 exabytesof data (that’s 800 million terabytes), by 2020, they [...]

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VSP Wins 2011 CRN Tech Innovation Award For Virtualization With The Help Of HCS V7

Last week VSP won the 2011 CRN Tech Innovation Award in the virtualization category. Presenting this award was Edward Moltzen of CRN’s Test Center, and accepting the award was Sean Moser, Vice President of Software Product Management at HDS. This [...]

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Is That Information…And Do I Care? (Part 1)

It’s no wonder we have so much buzz around Big Data:  we’ve reached a tipping point, which Michael Hay discussed in a previous blog post on how ‘Big Data Is Turning Content Into Appreciating Assets.’  I find news of discoveries [...]

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What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year, VMworld was all about virtual machines. All the partner plug-ins focused on helping to do just about anything to virtual machines. From backing up to deploying virtual machines, almost every eye was on the virtual machine ball. What [...]

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Talking Converged Solutions with Lynn McLean

This week I participated in an Executive Briefing Center on the road in Mexico City. This is where we take a number of our executives on the road and set up a briefing center for a week for customers and [...]

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Converged Data Solutions from Hitachi: An interview with Gary Pilafas

Today we announced Hitachi converged data center solutions to enable our customers to realize faster time to business value. These converged solutions initially will focus on Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft Exchange, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. A key [...]

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This is what converged AND open looks like

Today we announced a new set of converged data center solutions.  Convergence is one of latest hot words given the industry movement recently. What’s unique about HDS converged solutions, you might ask?  They’re combinations of enterprise class storage and compute [...]

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Storage Visions Conference 2011: Looking into the Clouds

Guest post by Tracey DoyleStorage Visions is an event focused on digital media storage that occurs every year just before CES. I am lucky enough to have presented at Storage Visions the past four years, and am pleased to share [...]

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Is object storage ready for the enterprise?

As Andrew Reichman of Forrester put it in his report “Prepare for Object Storage in the Enterprise,” there seems to be agreement on the sweet spots for the technology mentioned in the title (archiving, cloud storage, imaging applications, etc), as [...]

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