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Reclaim vs. Buy Part 4 (of 4): Looking at the Total Cost

The past 3 blogs have covered the economics behind reclamation (of disk) compared to buying new disk. My material has focus on reclamation due to storage virtualization, over provisioning (thin provisioning) and zero page reclaim. The same methods can be [...]

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Move Over Angry Birds – Hitachi Command Suite Goes iPad!

Hu: In my series on storage efficiencies, I posted on storage management efficiency. Here is another way that we have made our Hitachi Command Suite more efficient. My colleague Sean Moser provides a fresh perspective on software and some of [...]

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vSphere 5.0 - Optimized storage efficiency (VAAI phase 2)

On July 12, we blogged about the vSphere V5 announcement. In my last post, I talked about the ability of  storage virtualization to add new capabilities, like the support of vSphere, to lower level resources. Today, Michael Heffernan is back [...]

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Is IT Automation and Productivity Responsible for High Unemployment and a Slow Recovery?

I came across several articles this weekend that implied the stalled economy and high unemployment can be attributed to IT automation, doing more with less and improved business operations and functions. Are these not the holy grails of business and [...]

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Multi-dimensional Metrics

When I started college, I first selected math as my emphasis of study. I think it was the second calculus class that helped me realize that multi-variable problems were not my strong point, so I dropped my math major and [...]

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Economics of the Storage Computer

I had a meeting with a State Government CIO this week. As is the case with most government clients, the discussion centered on cost reductions, and their perspective that in the future they need to “just buy cheaper disks” to [...]

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Cost of Decommissioning Applications and Data

Hu Yoshida posted a blog last week on the issues around data center transformation and the impact of Decommissioning Applications. Hu and I exchanged emails while I was in Europe on this topic, and he has asked that I put [...]

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Hypervisors: Welcome to Storage Economics

For the past 12 years, I have been defining and refining principles, concepts, categories and models around storage economics. In the past few years, it has become necessary to move into adjacent infrastructure areas to identify, measure and reduce the [...]

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Tiering with SATA or Capacity Enhanced SAS

I seemed to have touched a nerve with Barry Burke in my last post on tiered storage myths, where I talked about the advantages of tiering across internal and external tiers of storage. Since EMC is not able to provide [...]

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The Differences Between Tiering and HSM - Hierarchical Storage Management

In a recent post I described the different forms of tiering. Today I’d like to discuss another form of tiering that is used in the mainframe: Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM. This is a licensed product that was originally called [...]

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When you say Tiering, do you mean Tiering?

Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group noted in a recent article on SearchStorage.com that most IT people still view storage tiering as external tiering where an application’s data is stored on a tier of storage depending on its storage requirement. I [...]

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Virtualization Inception

I love the movie Inception. I have to admit it took 2-3 viewings before I understood and followed the sequence of events, especially as the scenes were split between 3, 4 or even 5 levels. The nesting of these stories [...]

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Scale and Intelligence – Here’s the meat.

John Furrier of Silicon Angle published an insightful review of the Cisco announcement last week. He noted that Cisco did a great job on the social media news release for this launch with many of the partners posting blogs supporting [...]

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There’s one for you nineteen for me

I was working on my taxes two weeks ago, and as usual ended up humming the Taxman song from the Beatles. Part of the lyrics penned by George Harrison goes as follows: “Let me tell you how it will be; [...]

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How do we virtualize? Let me count the ways

When most IT managers talk about virtualization, they are thinking of server virtualization. More and more IT managers, however, are focusing on storage virtualization.  Given storage virtualization comes in many forms and combination of forms, I’d thought it would be [...]

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Power Saving Effects

Over the last two months, I have made two trips to Asia, visiting nearly all the major countries in the region.  I was impressed with the growth and the opportunities that I saw as I visited many of our customers. [...]

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Introducing Storage Cost # 34

If you have followed this blog, or been exposed to storage economics from Hitachi over the past few years, you will recall that we have characterized and documented some 33 different types of costs that make up storage total cost [...]

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Opening the door for customer choice

By Michael Heffernan Well, there certainly has been quite a bit of dialogue in blog circles and on Twitter this week about our recent announcement of VAAI certification on Hitachi VSP with external storage.  Predictably, much of this came from [...]

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Remastering vs. Migration

One of the 33 types of costs outlined in storage economics is the cost of migration, or the cost of remastering. Last week, colleagues in Australia asked me the difference between the two, and how these costs factor into the [...]

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Integration is one thing…doing it intelligently is another

By Michael Heffernan Yesterday, we announced VAAI certification of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform both for the product itself and when used with external storage.  As stated in yesterday’s accompanying blog post, we are the only storage vendor to support all [...]

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