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Storage ecosystems are not as straightforward as some may think. Data passes hands and takes new forms very frequently. In the first podcast of this six part series, join HDS security experts Sarah Hamilton, Security Product Marketing Manager, and Andrew Nielsen, Senior Architect of Product Security, to discuss the types of security threats in today’s [...]

Compliance affects all aspects of technology – including storage. Join HDS security experts to take a deeper look at the regulatory issues that affect the storage layer and the deployment of security technologies that best support compliance.

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Every part of the storage ecosystem is in play when it comes to security and there are many places where you can implement technology to help better protect your environment. Join HDS security experts to learn more about how HDS storage security technology can help better secure your environment.

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Data encryption has re-emerged onto the scene as a core mechanism for keeping data secure and complying with organizational policies as well as external regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley, and the European Union Data Directive, to name just a few. Join HDS security experts for a discussion on [...]

HDS has long been a leader in defining and developing industry leading storage security best practices. In this podcast, Eric Hibbard, Chief Technology Officer for Security and Privacy at Hitachi Data Systems, joins Sarah Hamilton and Andrew Nielsen as they cover a variety of best practices for storage security that are directly applicable to any [...]

With the increasing focus on encryption as a “cure all” for compliance woes in the storage layer, one also has to worry about the management of encryption keys. Join Sarah Hamilton and Andrew Nielsen as HDS’ CTO for Security and Privacy, Eric Hibbard, returns to provide new insights into enterprise key management and how it [...]

January 31, 2008 - Ros Schulman and Tom Neidhardt of Hitachi Data Systems discuss Hitachi Universal Replicator and Extended Remote Copy (XRC) in the mainframe environment. They discuss reasons for making the change and some of the benefits that customers can achieve by moving from XRC to Hitachi Universal Replicator.

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HDS WebTech Series: “Designed for the hands-on technical expert”
Hitachi Data Systems is pleased to sponsor an on-going monthly webcast forum where technical end-users can learn from HDS experts how to:

Maximize the potential from your existing IT infrastructure
Deploy best-in-class techniques for storage and storage management
Benefit from real-life before/after scenarios

Each lively one-hour webcast will be filled with [...]

September 28, 2007 - Fred Huang of Hitachi Data Systems discusses how Simple Modular Storage’s technology makes it easy to install, manage, and maintain. Learn how this product is breaking new ground and how this is the first enterprise-class storage array that is priced for the SMB market.
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September 7, 2007 - Mike Walkey of Hitachi Data Systems discusses how data growth and its management can be achieved more easily via Simple Modular Storage. Learn how hundreds of customers including those in the Fortune 500 have benefited from Hitachi storage solutions and how SMBs can now do the same.
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