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Will the All Flash Array Market Go Away? – Response

by Hu Yoshida on Jul 29, 2014

As a response to my recent post, George Crump provided a differing perspective in his blog site, storageswiss.com.  George is a highly regarded blogger and analyst whom I respect and share many of the same points of view regarding the IT industry.  However, we don’t always agree, or sometimes we take a different perspective and discussion is valuable to furthering knowledge in the industry.  George disagreed with my prediction  that the “AFA (All Flash Array) market will be displaced by Hybrid arrays that provide all the benefits of Flash performance integrated into an enterprise storage platform.”

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Popular Storage Trends That Will Go Away: AFA and EFSS

by Hu Yoshida on Jul 24, 2014

In this competitive IT market we are constantly looking for new technologies. Venture capitalists make their fortunes on discovering and promoting new technologies before they cash out and go on to the next big thing. It is tempting to jump on every new promotion to be on the cutting edge. However, many of these technologies may fail or have a very short life span before they are replaced by newer or more comprehensive technology solutions. Unfortunately when this happens with storage, we are often left with the legacy of stranded storage, with tons of data that must be migrated to be usable on legacy, new, and future platforms. The caution when choosing new technology solutions for storage is to ensure that you have a long-term strategy for integrated data management, migration, and retention. With the explosive growth of data, you cannot afford to be locked into storage silos.

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Shirt Sizes are not the Way to Buy IT Infrastructure

by Hu Yoshida on Jul 17, 2014

Last week we had an internal meeting in Santa Clara with representatives from all the geographies in Hitachi Data Systems. Since last week was also the finals for the World Cup in Football, we all received football shirts emblazoned with the words “One Hitachi”. As you can imagine, with an international audience, one size does not fit all. Prior to the meeting we all had to submit our shirt sizes, S, M, L, or XL. But even then, a size M in the US or UK is not the same as a size M in Japan or Hong Kong. Luckily we had enough of an assortment of sizes that we could swap around to find the right fit, and the material had enough stretch to accommodate some of us who did not have the proportions of a football player. The problem with shirt sizes is if you choose the wrong size (or if you outgrow it) you have to replace it with a new one that fits.

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Technology without Social Innovation and Globalization will not Advance Civilization

by Hu Yoshida on Jun 30, 2014

Ray Kurzweil, an American author, scientist, inventor, futurist, and a director of engineering at Google was quoted in Time Magazine in March 2012 saying: “A kid in Africa with a smart phone has access to more information than the president of the U.S. 15 years ago.” This is a powerful statement about the power of technology. However, that child in Africa will not be able to benefit from that wealth of information like a child in Silicon Valley. The reason for this is that the social infrastructure is not there to support that child in Africa as it is in Silicon Valley. Technology without social innovation and globalization will not advance civilization.

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HCP Puts IT in Control of Content Mobility

by Hu Yoshida on Jun 24, 2014

Mobility is a macro trend that is transformative. Mobile devices, mobile workforces, mobility of data on premise, off premise, and across the globe, create many new business opportunities. However mobility also presents new challenges for the IT professionals who are responsible for the protection and governance of the data content.

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IT Does Matter – And the World is not Flat

by Hu Yoshida on Jun 19, 2014

Back in 2003, as the IT industry was recovering from the excesses of the dot com boom/bust, the Harvard Business Review’s Editor-At-Large, Nicolas Carr published a paper titled IT doesn’t Matter, in which he claimed that “As information technology’s power and ubiquity has grown, its strategic importance has diminished.”

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by Hu Yoshida on Jun 12, 2014

“A logical partition, commonly called an LPAR, is a subset of computer’s hardware resources, virtualized as a separate computer. In effect, a physical machine can be partitioned into multiple logical partitions, each hosting a separate operating system.” from Wikipedia

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by Hu Yoshida on Jun 3, 2014

SAP HANA provides real time business insights that accelerate business success. It depends on a responsive IT architecture that can quickly react to changing business demands with enterprise availability and performance. Hitachi Data Systems partners with SAP to provide that architecture through Business-Defined IT with the certification of the new VSP G1000 enterprise storage system and the HUS VM midrange storage system under SAP’s Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) program. What does this mean for SAP HANA customers?

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by Hu Yoshida on Jun 2, 2014

VMware users can align IT with business processes through their VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPs), coupled with Hitachi Unified Compute platform for VMware vSphere and its Unified Compute Platform Director software.  This converged-infrastructure management platform centralizes and automates the management of all of the hardware elements in VMware vSphere through a single pane of glass. It provides deep insights into the health, risk, and efficiency for each of the converged elements within vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPs) and integrates the management of physical and virtual layers to significantly reduce mean time to resolution & operational costs – across a single or multiple data centers.

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Where are the performance specs for VSP G1000?

by Hu Yoshida on May 23, 2014

In my blog post that supported the announcement of the VSP G1000 with SVOS, Storage Virtualization Operating System,  I described VSP G1000 as a unified storage platform that can provide approximately 4 million random reads for 8KB blocks or more than 1.2 million NFS operations for file.

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