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VMworld is scheduled for August 26 to 30 in San Francisco. VMworld has opened up the voting for sessions that you would like to see on the agenda. Voting closes June 8th and I would like to call out some sessions, which should be of interest to you. Individuals will need to create accounts or [...]

Randy Kerns, a blogger on Storage Soup and also a Senior Strategist at Evaluator group, recently blogged about Confusion Over Storage Consolidation.

Referring back to my last post, I am continuing my series on big data where we are looking at the dimensions of big data: volume, velocity, variety and value, and what we need to do to address them. The first dimension has to do with the “big” in big data – volume.

Last Friday the markets were closed, so much of the financial media spent the day talking to analysts to get their views on the recovery, such as it is. One of the top stories in the US was around the job market slowdown in March, which had the lowest increase since October.

Technical Deep Dive’s Nigel Poulton responded to my post and Twitter conversation on the relevance of Tier 1 controllers with a post of his own. In his blog, Nigel writes that he believes SSDs have changed the game and the need for Tier 1 controllers. He ends his post with this summary:

Nigel Poulton is a very active tweeter (@nigelpoulton) who is also known for his Technical Deep Dive blog site.

Management efficiency is a key part of storage efficiency. The explosion of data and data types cannot be managed if we continue to take a piecemeal approach to storage management.

When you Google the definition of tier 1 storage you get a variety of results. In older definitions of storage tiers, it was all about the media—tier 1 was expensive hard disks, while tier 2 was optical disk and tier 3 was tape. No consideration was given to the control unit functions. Today that has [...]

This is a continuation of my series on storage efficiencies, looking specifically at storage performance efficiencies. Here are just a few considerations.

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