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Two events in 2011 are bringing greater focus on energy efficiencies. First, the Fukushima disaster, which has decreased the use of nuclear power generation around the world, has resulted in increased costs for other sources of electrical energy.

In 2012, power, cooling and carbon footprints will become even more critical as energy demand increases and countries begin to impose carbon taxes. IT will be asked to shoulder their share of the energy burden.

For the past few months, I have talked to an increasing number of customers who are telling me that power savings is their primary concern in the datacenter.  With the recent nuclear disaster in Fukushima, countries around the world are re-evaluating their use of nuclear power, which is 20 to 30% of the power in [...]

Electricity for power and cooling may well be the key limiting factor for data center growth in the near future. Most data centers–which were built 10 or 15 years ago when IT managers did not see the electrical bill–were not built for energy efficiency. Today there are new technologies and practices in terms of power [...]

Gartner published a report last November on storage predictions for 2011. In that report, they said that the need to reduce power and capacity costs will become critical. They made the statement that power, cooling, and floor space will be a limiting factor for growth.

With all that was happening at SNW, you may not have noticed our announcement of data at rest encryption for the USP V and USP VM. This encryption can be used to encrypt all internal disk drives, using AES-256, with no throughput or performance impact. In addition this implementation allows a very simple but safe [...]

IDC published a new report “The real costs to Power and Cool All the Worlds External Storage”.  Here are some of the excerpts from this report as reported in their press release of 17 June 2008

IDC published a report this month entitled, “The real Costs to Power and Cool All the World’s External Storage”.  It’s a good report which I would encourage you to get for an understanding of the relationships between, capacity, performance, power, cooling, and cost. IDC has been able to extract their findings from their comprehensive collection [...]

Since I posted my blog this morning on Earth Day, EPA and PUE. I received some pictures of the Green data center that Hitach is building in Yokohama. You can check them out on flickr. This should be on line by April 2009 and is targeted for a Power Usage Efficiency of 1.6 which will be [...]

Earth Day 2008 will be celebrated on April 22 with observations scheduled around the world. This year’s theme is “A Call for Climate” a global warming action theme. While there may still be skeptics about global warning, there is no disputing the rising cost of energy, as I fill my Prius with $3.89 per gallon gas [...]

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