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Hu: In my series on storage efficiencies, I posted on storage management efficiency. Here is another way that we have made our Hitachi Command Suite more efficient. My colleague Sean Moser provides a fresh perspective on software and some of the initiatives/discussion around it, I have asked him to give us his take on the [...]

On July 12, we blogged about the vSphere V5 announcement. In my last post, I talked about the ability of  storage virtualization to add new capabilities, like the support of vSphere, to lower level resources. Today, Michael Heffernan is back to explain what you need to look for in storage systems to get the full [...]

I seemed to have touched a nerve with Barry Burke in my last post on tiered storage myths, where I talked about the advantages of tiering across internal and external tiers of storage. Since EMC is not able to provide this capability Barry went on a long rant on why he thinks Hitachi Data Systems [...]

In a recent post I described the different forms of tiering. Today I’d like to discuss another form of tiering that is used in the mainframe: Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM. This is a licensed product that was originally called DFHSM and later renamed DFSMShsm when it was integrated with DFSMS.

Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group noted in a recent article on SearchStorage.com that most IT people still view storage tiering as external tiering where an application’s data is stored on a tier of storage depending on its storage requirement. I have also run into that perception, especially with non Hitachi customers who have not seen [...]

John Furrier of Silicon Angle published an insightful review of the Cisco announcement last week. He noted that Cisco did a great job on the social media news release for this launch with many of the partners posting blogs supporting this launch. He “sees hints that there is a change from a vendor lock in [...]

When most IT managers talk about virtualization, they are thinking of server virtualization. More and more IT managers, however, are focusing on storage virtualization.  Given storage virtualization comes in many forms and combination of forms, I’d thought it would be useful to provide you with a list of virtualization capabilities that we offer in Hitachi [...]

Over the last two months, I have made two trips to Asia, visiting nearly all the major countries in the region.  I was impressed with the growth and the opportunities that I saw as I visited many of our customers. A recurring theme in all these countries was the increasing need to reduce power consumption [...]

By Michael Heffernan Well, there certainly has been quite a bit of dialogue in blog circles and on Twitter this week about our recent announcement of VAAI certification on Hitachi VSP with external storage.  Predictably, much of this came from competitors on our statement that Hitachi is the only storage vendor to support all three [...]

By Michael Heffernan Yesterday, we announced VAAI certification of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform both for the product itself and when used with external storage.  As stated in yesterday’s accompanying blog post, we are the only storage vendor to support all three of the VAAI “primitives” on a virtualized storage platform.  We think it’s a big [...]

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