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There has been a lot of buzz about a new Hitachi storage platform. Today we announced our Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) system for the midrange and enterprise markets, which confirms these rumors and redefines the industry’s notion of unified storage. The reason for the buzz has been the excitement that it has generated in our [...]

I recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by John Foley, who is a former lead pilot for the famous Blue Angels, the Navy precision flying team. John is a motivational speaker who talks about how the teamwork that is required for performance as a member of the Blue Angels can be translated to [...]

Gartner published a report last November on storage predictions for 2011. In that report, they said that the need to reduce power and capacity costs will become critical. They made the statement that power, cooling, and floor space will be a limiting factor for growth.

Until now, there have been two basic types of storage architectures -  modular two controller storage systems with separate controller caches, and enterprise storage systems with multiple controllers and a global cache, which shared one cache image of data with multiple controllers. The modular storage system was designed for direct attach to open systems workstations. [...]

Those of you who subscribe to Gartner reports may have seen their recent report: “Choosing Between Monolithic Versus Modular Storage: Robustness, Scalability and Price Are the Tiebreakers”

While the need for storage continues to increase, there seems to be a trend in the decline of modular storage business for some of the major storage vendors. This may be due to the aging of the traditional modular storage architecture.

In April I wrote about our “Switch IT On” program, which provides free software licenses to help current and new USP V customers leverage virtualization across their existing HDS and third party storage assets. The program has proven to be so successful that HDS decided to add Switch IT On II, and both programs will [...]

Monolithic Storage Systems Developed for Mainframe Virtualization Having been in the storage industry for some time now, I have the benefit of historical perspective. I started out when mainframe storage was the only external storage available. Mainframes were the original virtual server, built for running multiple partitions of concurrent applications which drove tremendous I/O loads [...]

On these long summer days, my wife and I like to sit out on the patio under our canopy umbrella and enjoy the evening. We have a string of lights on the canopy that casts a warm glow. I looked at those lights the other day and commented that if I replaced that string of [...]

Note: This post was updated on 6/30/09. This morning Hitachi Data Systems announced some new enhancements to the AMS 2000 modular storage platform. These new enhancements include Dynamic Provisioning, Dense Expansion Trays, AMS 2500DC for NEBS compliance, 8Gbs FC storage ports, and security enhancements. Since we began shipping the AMS 2000 platform in October of [...]

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