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Hitachi’s Intel Xeon based Compute Blade servers (CB 2000 and CB 500) feature an embedded logical partitioning (LPAR) capability implemented in the blade server firmware, based on technology originally developed for Hitachi mainframe and Unix systems to provide platform partitioning for reliability and quality of service for mission critical workloads.

Mobility is a macro trend that is transformative. Mobile devices, mobile workforces, mobility of data on premise, off premise, and across the globe, create many new business opportunities. However mobility also presents new challenges for the IT professionals who are responsible for the protection and governance of the data content.

Data Protection has two roles. One is the protection of data, and the other is to protect the application that uses that data.

As a long time storage person the notion of “thou shalt not lose data!” was ingrained in me. In my last trip to Chicago, I came across an example of where this is not true. It is in the mach speed world of investment trading. In this world should something happen that takes down the system, [...]

Ros Schulman is our leading expert on disaster recovery and business continuance. Many of you may have heard her speak at different events or had her visit your business to provide an update on our DR capabilities.  I asked her if she would give her perspective on the recent disasters in Japan. Here is her [...]

Late last night I got an email from  Christopher Kusek asking about FICON Encryption of data at rest.

Yesterday I left the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando where I had been attending SNW at 6:30 am to catch my flight back to San Jose via Dallas. I called my wife to let her know what time to expect me but I could not get through.  On my stop in Dallas, I called again to [...]

Eric Hibbard, the plain speaking Chair of the SNIA Security Technical Work Group, often says that Virtualization is about lying and security is about understanding the truth. I prefer to say that virtualization simplifies management and improves efficiency by masking the underlying physical complexity.

Let’s say you are in a strange city, Like San Diego, and some one knocks on your hotel room door. Instead of throwing the door wide open, in this day and age, we issue a challenge. “who’s there?”

Lucas Mearien of Computer World reported that ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc, will no longer send data tapes to its credit reporting bureaus after one of its tapes went missing. The company’s CEO Thomas Goldstien is quoted as saying “the company will encrypt data and send it over secure networks when possible..”

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