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Last week I was in the UK and had an opportunity to get an update on the Hitachi Train project, which was initially installed for the London Olympics. There has been a lot of progress in the past four years.

  One of my top 10 IT trends for 2014 called for the explosion of enterprise flash. Now you are seeing more and more vendors introducing flash arrays that claim enterprise performance and durability based on something called eMLC, where the “e” stands for enterprise and MLC stand for Multi Level Cell or 2 bits [...]

SAP AG evaluated the Hitachi Converged solution for SAP HANA performance and found it to be as much as 5 times the performance of other competitive solutions. As a result of this evaluation and the success that Hitachi Data Systems has had with selling and installing Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged solutions with SAP HANA, [...]

In past years, when customers were asked to name the leader in midrange NAS; Hitachi was probably not on the top of the list. Hitachi has long earned a reputation for enterprise scalability, availability, and performance, but never made an impression in the midrange. Well that perception has changed according to a survey of qualified [...]

Welcome to 2014, with best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. This should be an exciting year with many challenges and opportunities in IT. Before we left on the year-end holidays I published 10 trend blog series, which I expect to see in 2014.

By now the major analyst firms have published their trends for 2014, and there is pretty common consensus over the macro trends that will be drivers for opportunities and threats in the years to come. While there are many variations on the definition of these trends they can be generally recognized by some common words

Trend 10: The Transformation of IT Operations Skill Sets, Roles, and Responsibilities

Trend 9: Encryption of data at rest becomes table stakes Recently, I had a discussion with a customer about capacity-on-demand who said he had a rolling lease program where he continually refreshed his storage every three years. When I asked him what he did to ensure that his data was shredded when he rolled his [...]

Trend 8: Explosion of Enterprise Flash The enterprise flash storage market is maturing and enterprise customers are taking a closer look at SSD’s which are primarily designed for the client consumer market where manufacturing costs are the primary concern. The initial excitement over flash performance is becoming tempered by concerns over the “write cliff,” storage [...]

Trend 7: Reduction of Backup through Archive, Copies, and Snaps One of the trends I identified last year was the explosion of data replication, which was cited in an IDC study that claimed the creation and management of multiple copies exceeded the cost of primary storage in many environments. IDC has posted a running time [...]

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