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Gartner has long been a major influencer in many technology markets. Many CIO’s include Gartner’s research assessment to support their evaluations before they make a buying decision.  Up to now, Gartner’s research methodology was comprised of the Magic Quadrant, also known as the Magic window for the graphical way that technology providers are positioned in [...]

Storage security is getting more attention as I outlined in my top 10 trends post in December. In that post I talked about the availability of data encryption in the backend directors of Hitachi storage systems, VSP, HUS VM and HUS 150 with local or external key management. This encryption was designed into our storage [...]

HDS is a gold sponsor of OpenStack, and will be at the OpenStack Summit in May in Atlanta, GA where we will demonstrate our commitment to the OpenStack community with both sessions and demonstrations. We need your help to secure speaking opportunities for HDS at this event. Our speaking proposals are below.  Voting takes place [...]

Recently StorageNewsletter reported Hitachi’s Fiscal 3Q earnings, which ended in December of 2013, they noted that Hitachi Data Systems is “one of the rare storage giants” that is also in servers and is ready to execute this year (2014) in hardware as well as in systems.

In my last post I talked about the explosion of copies that IDC says is now 65% of our external storage capacity, and I outlined ways to reduce the number of copies, reduce the capacity of copies and quantify the cost savings of reducing copies.

Laura DuBois of IDC has been calling attention to the explosion of data copies problem since 2012 and I have blogged about this several times, including  my top ten trends for 2013 and 2014. Her latest report on January 31 of this year reconfirms that 65% of external storage systems capacity is used to store [...]

  One of my top 10 IT trends for 2014 called for the explosion of enterprise flash. Now you are seeing more and more vendors introducing flash arrays that claim enterprise performance and durability based on something called eMLC, where the “e” stands for enterprise and MLC stand for Multi Level Cell or 2 bits [...]

SAP AG evaluated the Hitachi Converged solution for SAP HANA performance and found it to be as much as 5 times the performance of other competitive solutions. As a result of this evaluation and the success that Hitachi Data Systems has had with selling and installing Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged solutions with SAP HANA, [...]

In past years, when customers were asked to name the leader in midrange NAS; Hitachi was probably not on the top of the list. Hitachi has long earned a reputation for enterprise scalability, availability, and performance, but never made an impression in the midrange. Well that perception has changed according to a survey of qualified [...]

Welcome to 2014, with best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. This should be an exciting year with many challenges and opportunities in IT. Before we left on the year-end holidays I published 10 trend blog series, which I expect to see in 2014.

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