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There has been a lot of buzz about a new Hitachi storage platform. Today we announced our Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) system for the midrange and enterprise markets, which confirms these rumors and redefines the industry’s notion of unified storage. The reason for the buzz has been the excitement that it has generated in our [...]

On July 12, we blogged about the vSphere V5 announcement. In my last post, I talked about the ability of  storage virtualization to add new capabilities, like the support of vSphere, to lower level resources. Today, Michael Heffernan is back to explain what you need to look for in storage systems to get the full [...]

The products recently announced by EMC and IBM all feature Serial Attached SCSI and SAS for back-end disk connections, which Hitachi introduced with our AMS 2000 midrange storage system over a year ago and with Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) enterprise storage system last September.

Today we announced Hitachi converged data center solutions to enable our customers to realize faster time to business value. These converged solutions initially will focus on Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft Exchange, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. A key part of this announcement is the introduction of Hitachi Compute Blade, which has been a [...]

As we talk to customers about data center transformation through virtualization for tiering, migration, and dynamic provisioning, one issue that comes up is the problem of decommissioning applications. We make it easier to move to new applications and infrastructure, but what about the old applications that we need to decommission?

The tiering of storage is a valuable tool for reducing costs and improving efficiencies in many ways. There are different levels of tiering, as I mentioned in my previous post, and the value that we derive from tiering can vary depending on the different types of tiering.  There are also several myths about tiering of [...]

In a recent post I described the different forms of tiering. Today I’d like to discuss another form of tiering that is used in the mainframe: Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM. This is a licensed product that was originally called DFHSM and later renamed DFSMShsm when it was integrated with DFSMS.

In the first quarter of this year, the Financial Sector Technology Group held an award event in London where IT groups from all major financial institutions came together to recognize the best practices and achievements in IT over the past year.

Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group noted in a recent article on SearchStorage.com that most IT people still view storage tiering as external tiering where an application’s data is stored on a tier of storage depending on its storage requirement. I have also run into that perception, especially with non Hitachi customers who have not seen [...]

VMware provides many benefits in server consolidation, performance, scalability, availability, and ease of use. However, this introduces a greater demand on storage systems, since standalone host servers that once had their own LUNs now share a VMFS file system (datastore), which requires the single LUN to provide a solid high performance foundation for the consolidated [...]

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