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Recently I was reviewing a slide deck that marketing had put together and I was struck by a statistic, which I thought was dubious. The claim was that there were 545 cloud services that were in use in the average enterprise. I thought this was way out of line as I looked at my own [...]

Last month HDS introduced the Hitachi Compute Blade 500 (CB500) with the latest Intel technology. An interesting new technology that was also introduced with this product was an embedded Ethernet switch. I have asked Gary Pilafas, who has responsibility for Hitachi converged solutions and is a frequent contributor to this blog, http://blogs.hds.com/hu/2011/06/converged-data-solutions-from-hitachi-gary-pilafas.html to tell us [...]

Referring back to my last post, I am continuing my series on big data where we are looking at the dimensions of big data: volume, velocity, variety and value, and what we need to do to address them. The first dimension has to do with the “big” in big data – volume.

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Hu Yoshida
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