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Recently I was reviewing a slide deck that marketing had put together and I was struck by a statistic, which I thought was dubious. The claim was that there were 545 cloud services that were in use in the average enterprise. I thought this was way out of line as I looked at my own [...]

The March issue of Storage Magazine published its 2013 Quality Awards for enterprise arrays across five main categories of Sales-force Competence, Initial Product Quality, Product Features, Product Reliability and Technical Support.

There has been a lot of buzz about a new Hitachi storage platform. Today we announced our Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) system for the midrange and enterprise markets, which confirms these rumors and redefines the industry’s notion of unified storage. The reason for the buzz has been the excitement that it has generated in our [...]

Last month Intel announced their latest Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 with the ability to deliver up to 80% improved performance, new integrated I/O with PCI Express (that can triple the movement of data in and out of the processors), and improved performance per/watt of over 50% gain on SPEC power.

As we close out 2011, the storage industry has seen significant growth based on budgets, which were established in the beginning of the year. However, over the course of 2011, we saw natural disasters, political upheaval, and heightened economic turmoil. Companies are now looking ahead to 2012 with a great deal of uncertainty around their [...]

Last month, I was invited to speak to the St. Louis Super Computer Group, by Gary Stiehr, who is the founder of this user group and the Information Systems Group leader at The Genome Institute at Washington University in St Louis. Hitachi Data Systems and our partner Enterprise Consulting Group were sponsors of this event.

Automated tiering is one of the hot technologies for 2011, with all the major storage vendors providing this in one form or another. Automated tiering generally refers to the ability to move parts of a LUN or volume to different cost tiers of storage based upon the I/O activity against that part of the LUN. [...]

This week, I had a chance to sit down to talk with Roberto Basilio, our Vice President of Product Management for Storage Hardware. Among other things, Roberto was responsible for working with our developers in Japan and managing the launch of our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). We talked about why we have been so successful with VSP.

The tiering of storage is a valuable tool for reducing costs and improving efficiencies in many ways. There are different levels of tiering, as I mentioned in my previous post, and the value that we derive from tiering can vary depending on the different types of tiering.  There are also several myths about tiering of [...]

I recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by John Foley, who is a former lead pilot for the famous Blue Angels, the Navy precision flying team. John is a motivational speaker who talks about how the teamwork that is required for performance as a member of the Blue Angels can be translated to [...]

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