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The other day while talking to a customer about capacity efficiency he asked, what should be a reasonable utilization target? With thin provisioning, he can eliminate the waste of over allocation which used to cause his open systems’ capacity to be less than 20% utilized. But what is the target?  Should he aim for 80% [...]

The choice of a storage system can have a major impact on the efficiency of an application. There are storage features that can enable applications to run faster and use less CPU and memory; they go beyond the performance features of faster buses, cache, and drives. These features require communication with the application, which enables [...]

As my colleague Claus Mikkelsen wrote, HDS is holding an analyst day for financial and industry analysts, and invited some bloggers to get an update from our CEO Jack Domme and other key executives on our vision and strategy for infrastructure, content, and information cloud. We also had three customers participate in this event.

For those of us who know the Hawaiian Island of Maui, HANA is fondly remembered as that little town on the southern tip where you can buy shaved ice at Hasegawa’s general store.

Today, September 27, 2011, marks the one-year anniversary of our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) announcement. VSP has been the most successful product in our history, and according to Roberto Basilio, our VP of Product Management for Storage Hardware, VSP helped us increase the shipment of storage systems by 27%, and nearly quadruple (387%) the capacity [...]

During my visit to Mexico, I met with members of a large bank who described their storage migration experience over the years that they have been an HDS customer.

This week I participated in an Executive Briefing Center on the road in Mexico City. This is where we take a number of our executives on the road and set up a briefing center for a week for customers and partners located in various locations. Customers who may not otherwise have the time to travel [...]

The IDG Computerworld Honors Program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic, and educational change. I would like to extend my congratulations to our customers who were selected this year as Computerworld Honors Laureate award winners in the Business Responsiveness category. The winners include Epworth HealthCare of Australia, Qualcomm in the U.S., [...]

Last week was a busy one with travels between Amsterdam, Sefton Park, UK, and Brussels, replete with 4:30 am wake up calls for early morning flights between countries and late night dinners. But it has been an amazing week filled with great content and context.

Since the announcement of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) and the Hitachi Command Suite 7 (HCS), our corporate executives have been travelling the world in support of our Information Forums, which will become an annual event. I was invited to some countries in Europe and started with a week of Executive Briefings for customers [...]

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