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The System Performance Council SPC-1 tests results for Hitachi VSP G1000 have just been published on the SPC website and the results show that the G1000 is the clear leader in storage performance against the leading all flash storage arrays! VSP G1000 can be configured as an all-flash storage array simply by not adding any [...]

Most enterprises today, view mobility as a strategic initiative that will increase productivity and efficiency, enrich their business process and enable them to compete in a fast changing world. Mobility is closely tied to cloud. Mobility and cloud have replaced the old, rigid, client server paradigm and opened up a world of new possibilities. Wireless [...]

Hitachi’s Intel Xeon based Compute Blade servers (CB 2000 and CB 500) feature an embedded logical partitioning (LPAR) capability implemented in the blade server firmware, based on technology originally developed for Hitachi mainframe and Unix systems to provide platform partitioning for reliability and quality of service for mission critical workloads.

Recently I was reviewing a slide deck that marketing had put together and I was struck by a statistic, which I thought was dubious. The claim was that there were 545 cloud services that were in use in the average enterprise. I thought this was way out of line as I looked at my own [...]

Trend 5: Sync and share solution for shadow IT Industry surveys show that 28% of corporate data resides exclusively on laptops or mobile devices. This is the shadow IT that resides outside the control and supervision of corporate IT. While this data may be used for business purposes it is not always protected or secured [...]

Since our Private Cloud announcement we have had many favorable comments from industry analysts and press. Wired Insights had this to say about the private cloud.

The value of cloud computing has moved past the early hype cycle and is providing real value to the market in terms of agility, and on demand services which provide strategic use of business data which was not possible before.

I recently interviewed my colleague Rex Carter, CIO of Hitachi Data Systems.  He joined HDS in 2006 and has played a major role in the transformation of our company through the innovative use of IT technology. He is well known to many of our customers and partners as he seeks every opportunity to engage with [...]

As we close out 2011, the storage industry has seen significant growth based on budgets, which were established in the beginning of the year. However, over the course of 2011, we saw natural disasters, political upheaval, and heightened economic turmoil. Companies are now looking ahead to 2012 with a great deal of uncertainty around their [...]

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