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Dispelling Myths about IOPs

by Hu Yoshida on Mar 20, 2015

Since the SPC numbers for the G1000 came in at 2 million IOPs and blew away every other all flash array vendor, there have been a number of posts in the blog sphere discussing the relevance of IOPs as a measure of performance. Lets look at some of the myths about IOPs

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by Hu Yoshida on Mar 4, 2015

For the last five years, Hitachi Data Systems has been following a three-step vision and strategy that was defined by our CEO, Jack Domme, which he first presented at an Executive Advisory Board in August 2010.

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by Hu Yoshida on Feb 27, 2015

In the last twelve months we’ve seen some massive data security breaches in the United States.  Here is a list with the largest number of customer records exposed to loss:
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by Hu Yoshida on Feb 19, 2015

The System Performance Council SPC-1 tests results for Hitachi VSP G1000 have just been published on the SPC website and the results show that the G1000 is the clear leader in storage performance against the leading all flash storage arrays! VSP G1000 can be configured as an all-flash storage array simply by not adding any spinning disks. Read More »

The Advantages and Benefits of Erasure Coding in the HCP S10

by Hu Yoshida on Feb 4, 2015

We recently announced the HCP S10 Storage node as part of our HCP portfolio of object storage solutions. See my previous post on the changes that the S10 introduced in the way that we access, manage and protect data.

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z13 a Mainframe Designed for the 3rd Platform

by Hu Yoshida on Jan 30, 2015

z13 A Mainframe For The 3rd Platform

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Enter The Brave New World of Storage with HCP S10

by Hu Yoshida on Jan 29, 2015

One of the new features that was introduced in our January Hitachi Content Portfolio Announcement was an Innovative new storage system, the HCP S10, which is designed for the Brave New World of storage that is required for IoT (Internet of Things) where IT, Information Technology, and OT, Operational Technology, come together.

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Extending the Reach of Mobile and Cloud in the Enterprise

by Hu Yoshida on Jan 23, 2015

Most enterprises today, view mobility as a strategic initiative that will increase productivity and efficiency, enrich their business process and enable them to compete in a fast changing world. Mobility is closely tied to cloud. Mobility and cloud have replaced the old, rigid, client server paradigm and opened up a world of new possibilities. Wireless email, calendaring, and contact have become ubiquitous in most enterprises.  While these enterprise applications can be securely managed in a mobile environment, there are a number of other enterprise applications that could benefit from cloud and mobile if they could overcome some inhibitors to adoption like lack of security controls and legacy systems. The Hitachi Content Portfolio announcements are intended to extend the reach of mobile and cloud in the enterprise and address some of these inhibitors.

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HCP Raises the Bar for Object storage with Integrated Content Mobility Solutions

by Hu Yoshida on Jan 20, 2015

Today, Hitachi Data Systems is announcing major enhancements to our Hitachi Content platform that raises the bar for object storage. The graphic below shows the breadth and scope of the Hitachi Content Platform with the new enhancements that are highlighted in red. Read More »

The Growth of Object Storage in 2014

by Hu Yoshida on Jan 14, 2015

2014 was a year in which there was an increased focus on object storage. Our object storage platform, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP),is part of a tightly integrated  portfolio of HCP (object-based cloud storage), HCP Anywhere (enterprise file sync and share), and the Hitachi Data Ingestor (cloud file gateway). This portfolio saw a tremendous amount of growth as we made some major announcements around mobility and cloud connectivity with HCP. In this post I will summarize how the Object storage market was viewed at the beginning of the year with Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Object Storage report, which was published in February of 2014, and how it looked at the end of the year with IDC’s MarketScape on Object-based Storage platforms and systems (OBS) (IDC Document #253055) which was published in December of 2014. I will also summarize what improvements we made in our object storage portfolio in 2014.

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