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by Hu Yoshida on Jun 3, 2014

SAP HANA provides real time business insights that accelerate business success. It depends on a responsive IT architecture that can quickly react to changing business demands with enterprise availability and performance. Hitachi Data Systems partners with SAP to provide that architecture through Business-Defined IT with the certification of the new VSP G1000 enterprise storage system and the HUS VM midrange storage system under SAP’s Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) program. What does this mean for SAP HANA customers?

First in terms of the storage infrastructure, if SAP HANA is an in memory database why do you need enterprise storage? As with any database that is critical to business process, SAP HANA needs persistent, external storage to save data and logs for the purpose of startup and fault recovery without data loss. This storage requires high availability and performance. Today the external storage capacity requirements of SAP HANA may not be large, but with Business Suite applications running on SAP HANA, the replication of data may be very large and can benefit from in-system replication capabilities like snapshots and copies particularly if they are also stored on the same enterprise storage system. More and more customers are running business suite applications on the SAP HANA database and thus will require very large capacity, enterprise data stores. The VSP G1000 and the HUS VM provide the same enterprise availability and reliability with active/active controllers. The only difference between the two products is that the HUS VM is priced and packaged for the midrange market with the ability to scale to 48 FC host ports, 256 GB of internal cache, and 64 PB of internal and external capacity. The VSP G1000 can scale to 192 FC host ports, 2 TB of internal cache, and 255 PB of internal and external capacity. Each of the FC host ports in the VSP G1000 and the HUS VM can be virtualized into 255 virtual ports, providing connectivity to thousands of virtual and physical servers. Both products support high performance flash drives as a flash appliance or as a hybrid storage array with dynamic tiering. Both provide a pool of virtual storage resources that can be dynamically allocated in response to business requirements. At the same time they provide partitioning of resources to ensure QoS for applications that may be contending for resources.  Hitachi Data Systems is the only SAP partner that offers two enterprise storage platform choices for SAP HANA TDI.

The value of the certification of these products under TDI offers customers flexibility, openness, and easier integration into their data center, as well as opportunities for consolidation. Customers can choose any combination of certified HANA servers and storage platforms. A custom configuration is architected and tested for HANA KPI on premise.  Scaling is based on the custom architecture. Changes in configurations require retesting for KPI.  Customers perform the HANA installation along with a certified professional. Customers have flexibility in leveraging existing operational and IT management processes. Existing certified hardware can be used if excess capacity is available and consolidation of SAP HANA and non-HANA workloads is possible.

As an alternative, customers may opt for a converged solution through Hitachi Data Systems’ Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA where the VSP G1000 and/or the HUS VM are preconfigured with Hitachi blade servers, using the latest Intel Ivy Bridge technology, pretested and validated for SAP HANA scale up or scale out implementation. Being that HDS can resell SAP HANA  for Business Warehouse (BW)  software licenses, the software comes pre-installed with a license.  This approach offers several advantages such as faster time to deployment, predictable performance, scalable building blocks, and single point of support.

Whichever route you choose, VSP G1000 or HUS VM for enterprise storage, or TDI or Unified Compute platform for implementation, Hitachi Data Systems provides the best business defined IT for your SAP requirements.

If you are attending SAPHIRE NOW + ASUG conference in Orlando Florida, visit us at booth 131. Come join us for Happy hour on June 3 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

SAPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference | HDS Happy Hour on June 3, 2014

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