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Big Data of Tomorrow – Internet of Everything

by Hu Yoshida on Sep 12, 2013

There are basically three types of data. First there is business data that is generated by business processes and is usually stored in a structured repository like a database. The next type is human data or data that is generated by people to communicate and share information with other people, this type of data exploded first with the internet and then again with mobile devices which makes it easy for anyone to communicate and share information, even if they can not read or write. Many people in the industry are now referring to this as the Social Internet in order to differentiate it from a  third type of data generated from machine to machine communications.

Hitachi has been referring to this as machine driven data, while other companies such as GE and Wikibon are calling it the Industrial Internet. Cisco is coining the term as the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything. All will agree that this new phase will have a profound impact on Social Innovation. Big Data of today is primarily about mining business data in combination with Social Internet data in order to increase our ability to market and sell products. Big data of tomorrow will have a deeper impact on society as a whole as we discover the information generated by machine driven data. It will impact every aspect of society; healthcare, energy, transportation, safety, and our ability to provide sustenance for an exploding population. Machines or sensors in our homes, transportation systems, appliances, energy grids, personal devices, agricultural systems, and even in our bodies, will soon be generating and sharing information with other machines.

The sizing of the investment and value of Big Data and the Industrial Internet was researched by Wikibon. Their research estimates that spend on the Industrial Internet will grow from $20 billion in 2012 to about $514 billion in 2020. The value created is expected to grow from $23 billion in 2012 to about $1,279 in 2020 and the cumulative net value created is projected to be $1.7 trillion by 2020. They see the value coming from increased efficiency of the industrial plant equipment and long-term maintenance and management of the equipment.

In order to address Big Data of Tomorrow, we will need deep expertise in many verticals and major investment in R&D. Hitachi has expertise in many of these verticals including information and telecommunications technology and has been focusing on the Big Data of Tomorrow challenges for some time as part of their strategy for Social Innovation. A recent example is the maintenance service that is being developed for the train systems that were installed by Hitachi for the London Olympics. A train system has many assets that must be constantly inspected and maintained and outages can be costly if not catastrophic. This system includes many sensors embedded throughout the train, down to the wheels, which is coupled with a real time monitoring, control, and scheduling system to ensure greater efficiency, lower operational costs and increased safety. The goal is to provide maintenance as a service for large asset systems, like transportation systems. This is a combined effort across different divisions of Hitachi including the use of a Unified Compute Platform, UCP, from Hitachi Data Systems.


Realizing the value of Big Data of Tomorrow will require collaboration with many companies and investment in R&D across many verticals. Companies with development capabilities across a breadth of Industry verticals will be well positioned to address the Big Data of Tomorrow. Established companies like GE, IBM, Siemens, and Hitachi will be major players. Others are quickly entering this area and extending the industrial Internet across many more verticals. While Cisco has been in the news for announcing the possibility of layoffs to reduce costs, they also announced investments in the formation of a new business unit made up of 500 people to address what they call the Internet of Things. Other companies you could expect to see in this area would be the likes of Google with their driverless automobiles, Google glasses, Google network, and Android. Smart phones will provide a bridge between the social Internet and industrial Internet and will play a much bigger role in delivering and consuming information from the Big Data of Tomorrow.

Get ready for the Big Data of Tomorrow and the Internet of Everything. It will change our lives.


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