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Object Storage is a Horizontal Platform: HCP

by Hu Yoshida on May 15, 2013

I have had a busy week in Hong Kong, with several of our executives providing an update for some customers and partners. There was a lot of interest in a new option that we will announce for our Hitachi Content Platform that will address the challenges of BYOD. BYOD is a great enabler for user productivity and innovation but can create a security risk for corporate IP. This option is a gateway that enables enterprise users to sync and share files via secure smart links so the latest version of their document is available on their iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, or browser and is shareable with authorized users for a specified period of time.

On my way back from Hong Kong I was catching up on my email and web feeds, when I came across this conversation between Chris Mellor and Enrico Signoretti regarding object storage.

Chris Mellor created this post, which asked the question: “Object Storage: A solution in search of a problem?” Chris believes that object storage has failed to launch because “end users are confused about what object storage really is, how it gets purchased (and why) and how it gets used.” This piqued my interest since our HCP is an object store and because many of the key cloud use cases use object storage to store photos, documents, perform sync and share and so forth.  Enrico Signoretti joined the conversation and provided his perspective, which happens to be inline with Hitachi Data Systems view of HCP as an object storage platform.

Enrico describes object storage as a horizontal platform capable of managing many different data types. The use case requires many different approaches, protocols, and solutions, which need to be provided through gateways and the compelling driver for adoption is TCO. Object storage can provide real savings in the costs of backup, archive, compliance, DR, retention, etc. He represents object storage with this model.

A horizontal platform







This happens to match our model for HCP very well.













HCP is the software that runs in rack server nodes, up to 80 federated nodes that attach to any of our block storage family. You can use our gateways or you can build your own to meet your specific needs.

The launch of HCP has been very successful and we have many customers in production. You can look at our list of references for more details.

There does seem to be a lack of understanding around object storage so I will follow up on this post with an interview with Bob Primmer, who heads up our product management for HCP. He has a great way of simplifying the concepts behind object storage and the value of our implementation in HCP.

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