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Archive for December, 2012

Trend 5: New Requirements for Entry-level Enterprise Storage Systems Up till now, the price gap between midrange and enterprise storage architectures has been very wide forcing midrange customers to opt for midrange systems at the sacrifice of enterprise scalability and functionality. Recently, the adoption of server virtualization in the midrange market has dramatically changed the [...]

Trend 3: Explosion of Data Replication Today’s businesses require more and more copies of data for faster point-in-time recovery, business continuity, business analysis, data sharing, extract-translate-load, data mobility, and auxiliary batch processing. A recent study by IDC finds that “In many environments, creating and managing multiple copies has exceeded the cost of primary storage, driving [...]

The current consumption model for storage creates a lot of wasted storage capacity which customers pay for but may never use. In the past when storage hardware costs were low compared to the operational cost of storage, it might have made sense to spend more on storage capacity if it lowered your operational costs. However, [...]

Over the past few Decembers I have posted on the top 10 trends that I expect to see in the coming year. This blog post is the first in a series on my top IT trends for 2013.

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