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Storage Technology Certification

by Hu Yoshida on Aug 14, 2012

As more and more data is being created, knowledge about storage technology is becoming more important to a wider audience. In my interactions with customers, I am meeting more server, networking, and applications people who are assuming more responsibility for storage and are looking for a structured way to understand storage technologies so that they can make more informed decisions. I see managers who are looking to hire storage people, but have no way to evaluate their qualifications. It is also apparent to me that college students and entry-level job candidates in our industry need to learn more storage technologies than what is covered in school.

An efficient way to address these concerns is through a certification program on storage technologies.

Hitachi Data Systems Academy has just released a Hitachi Data Systems Storage Technology Certification track. This vendor neutral track was created for all audiences interested in storage technology. Ideal candidates are IT professionals who seek knowledge about storage and junior IT professionals looking to carve out a career path with a focus on storage. College and university students, as well as recent graduates, can gain a head start in their IT careers with this Storage Technology certification.

In support of this new vendor neutral track, Hitachi Data Systems Academy produced a new book entitled Storage Concepts: Storing and Managing Digital Data. This vendor neutral book explores the world of storage systems and data management and is also a great reference guide. This book walks through various concepts of the technology in an easy to understand format. In addition to the technical aspects of storage, it includes a chapter on the business challenges which companies face and how TCO, CAPEX, and OPEX can be lowered with the implementation of these technologies.

The Academy also contracted for a vendor neutral test,(HH0-050) Hitachi Data Systems Storage Technology exam, which was created as the final step to receiving the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Technology certification. Covering such topics as data management and storage systems, components and technologies, networking, business continuity and replication, virtualization, file and content management, performance and protocols, the test validates the candidate’s knowledge of storage technology and concepts for perspective employers.

The book is currently available at Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, and at storageconcepts.net

The e-book version will soon be available through Amazon.com for Kindle.

The exam costs $125 in North America (or equivalent in local currency) and is a proctored, closed book exam that is offered at Prometric test centers worldwide. Registration for Prometric exams can be done at www.prometric.com/hitachi.

Please contact hdscertifications@hds.com if you would like more information.

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Comments (2 )

Rick Bauer on 15 Aug 2012 at 12:24 pm

Hu, whatever happened to HDS’s support for the SNIA and CompTIA Storage+ certifications? Time was when SNIA could count on HDS for support, and integrated their vendor-neutral training and certifications into the product-specific certifications for Hitachi. After repeated attempts over three years to try to work together with HDS, we got tired of being rebuffed. So now Hitachi is building “vendor-neutral” exams? With all due respect, that is like saying Microsoft is building “vendor-neutral software.” Greatly disappointed, since I have always had the greatest respect for Hitachi’s commitment to vendor-neutrality and collaboration. I hope this decision was made in the lower ranks of Hitachi management.

Rick Bauer, CompTIA

Hu Yoshida on 31 Aug 2012 at 1:49 pm

Rick, we absolutely support SNIA! Our “Expert” credentials can only be earned by combining HDS certification with SNIA certification. Our Storage Technologist track is similar to what other storage vendors have been offering for several years. I have asked the HDS Academy management to reach out to you directly to understand why you feel as you do and restore your confidence in our commitment to vendor neutrality and collaboration.

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Hu Yoshida
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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