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Penske-Hitachi Car Wins August 26 Indy Race in Sonoma, California

by Hu Yoshida on Aug 31, 2012

Perhaps you have seen this Indycar with the big Hitachi logo in the news. Hitachi America, Ltd., and Hitachi Automotive are sponsoring the Penske Indycar races in 2012, with Ryan Briscoe as the driver of the Hitachi car. One of the races took place this past weekend in Sonoma, California, where Ryan won first place driving the Hitachi-Penske car! The next event will be in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 2.

Hitachi Automotive is a major player in the automotive industry. There is a focus on next generation automobiles that are required to achieve near zero emissions and ultra-low fuel consumption for global environment preservation, preventive safety measures (e.g. hazards and collisions) and enhance convenience through the latest achievements in information technology. IT is a common thread throughout all Hitachi companies.

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Elmar Flammee on 01 Sep 2012 at 2:04 am

Thats really great. Wish HDS and Penske Team Good Luck. In Europe we had only a few TV Station which give us access to Indy or Nascar Racing.

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