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Archive for July, 2012

In my previous post on Redefining Unified Storage – Hardware Differences Part 1, I described how the active/active controllers in Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) set a new standard in dual controller storage systems by enabling enterprise class load balancing for performance, QoS, and availability.  In this post I will describe the main difference in the [...]

During the past week I came across some systems that claimed to be hybrid storage controllers. When I looked into what they were doing I saw that they were primarily addressing the use of SSD Flash Drives in combination with HDD or spinning disk drives.  While they are combining two different types of technologies and [...]

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) has some unique hardware features, which differentiates it from other dual controller, unified storage systems. This is the second part of my series on Redefining Unified Storage, which looks into the hardware differences on the controller side. I will be following this with a post on hardware differences on the Unified [...]

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) has garnered some excellent momentum since it was announced in April. Our customer Victorian water authority, Western Water, based in Victoria, Australia, has implemented a 256 TB capacity storage system to cope with its 50 percent year-on-year growth. It is using HUS to store data it is gathering from customer water [...]

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