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Top Workplaces in Silicon Valley and Bay Area

by Hu Yoshida on Jun 21, 2012

This past Sunday the San Jose Mercury News published the “Bay Area News Group Top Work Places list for 2012”. Hitachi Data Systems was again in the top 10 with a number 6 ranking.

An interesting segment in this supplement was the section on vision statements. Here Hitachi Data Systems vision is to be the employer and partner of choice based on the principles of Hitachi Spirit which we share with all the divisions of Hitachi Ltd. Those principles which we call Hitachi Spirit are based on three parts: Wa (harmony- trust-respect), Makoto (fairness-honesty-integrity), and Kaitakusha-seishin (pioneering spirit-challenges-innovation).

The wording of these principles may sound foreign and old fashioned even in modern Japanese, but they have guided Hitachi Ltd for over 100 years and we feel that they are relevant today, even in the fast-paced business of Silicon Valley.

I joined Hitachi Data Systems over 15 years ago, and I would say that this has not always been the case. When I joined HDS we were an American company that had been acquired as a joint venture between Hitachi and Electronic Data Systems to sell mainframe systems. We distinguished ourselves as HDS, another three letter technology company. We had no concept of Hitachi Spirit in those days. Changing a culture does not occur overnight.

In 1999 as the mainframe business declined and every mainframe we sold required us to sell the IBM operating system, Hitachi decided to withdraw from the mainframe market and bought out EDS to concentrate on our enterprise storage business. Our first Hitachi CEO was Jun Naruse who started us on the journey to becoming a part of the Hitachi family. We rebranded ourselves as Hitachi Data Systems, to become more than a three letter company.  Jun Naruse was followed by Shinjiro Iwata, and then by Minoru Kosuge, who patiently worked to build the Hitachi culture in an American company.

I would say that the transformation was completed in April 2009 when our current CEO Jack Domme was promoted to that position after two years as our Chief Operating Officer. Jack was responsible for creating a unified product and services organization that was tasked with solutions strategy and development. Jack embodied the Hitachi Spirit of Wa, Makoto, and Kaitakusha-seishin in his leadership and today, these words are embedded in our Hitachi Data Systems culture.

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Comments (1)

mike smith on 25 Jun 2012 at 10:56 am

Hu,,i am in my 22and year of HDS…your blog brought back many memories of how we have transformed as a comapny,,,thanks,smitty in san diego

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