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Archive for June, 2012

Social Innovation

If you have been following my blog lately, you have seen me referring more and more to “social innovation”.

This past Sunday the San Jose Mercury News published the “Bay Area News Group Top Work Places list for 2012”. Hitachi Data Systems was again in the top 10 with a number 6 ranking.

When I am not travelling, I like to unwind before I go to sleep by watching recordings of real life TV mysteries like 48 Hour Mystery. The other night it was about a man who was hacked to death and wrapped up in a tarp in his garage. No one knew who did it until [...]

The other day while talking to a customer about capacity efficiency he asked, what should be a reasonable utilization target? With thin provisioning, he can eliminate the waste of over allocation which used to cause his open systems’ capacity to be less than 20% utilized. But what is the target?  Should he aim for 80% [...]

Awhile back I blogged about the value of big data and how it was being implemented in Liberia to improve the nutrition of nursing mothers and their new born and young children.

Extending my series on big data dimensions around volume, velocity, variety and value as defined by IDC and Gartner, this post is about value. How do we get value out of big data. In a previous post I referenced a small project in which the value of data is being realized through improvements in nutritional [...]

A recent paper in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Vol 48 May 2012 shows that the roadmap for areal density increases in magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) has slowed down to 20% per year.

VMworld is scheduled for August 26 to 30 in San Francisco. VMworld has opened up the voting for sessions that you would like to see on the agenda. Voting closes June 8th and I would like to call out some sessions, which should be of interest to you. Individuals will need to create accounts or [...]

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