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Are Tier 1 Controllers Relevant?

by Hu Yoshida on Mar 30, 2012

Nigel Poulton is a very active tweeter (@nigelpoulton) who is also known for his Technical Deep Dive blog site.

I am a close follower of Nigel’s blog posts and tweets, as I always find them interesting and informative. Following my post on how virtualization redefines tier 1 storage – where I asserted that tier 1 is now a function of the virtualization storage controller rather than the storage array—Nigel and I had the following exchange on Twitter:











The character limitations of Twitter are a little frustrating, so my response to his last tweet is contained here:

Traditional controllers do not cope well with SSD. However, modern controllers supporting page level tiering make efficient use of SSD by using them only for the hot pages and not wasting expensive SSD capacity on allocated unused space and less active pages that can be stored on lower, cost larger capacity disks.

What are your opinions on the relevance of a tier 1 storage controller for replication and SSD?

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[...] discussion around the validity of architectures like VSP and their designation as Tier 1, which Hu summarised in a recent blog post he cut and pasted wrote. Hu has asked that I summarise my thoughts on the topic in a blog post so that he can fully digest [...]

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