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Archive for February, 2012

Data Protection has two roles. One is the protection of data, and the other is to protect the application that uses that data.

UPDATE: Since this post was first published, I was challenged on a performance chart that I showed. Since I did not have the details, I took this post down until I could verify the test parameters with the owner of the performance chart. Unfortunately, the owner would not release these details so I left the post [...]

This is a continuation of my series on storage efficiencies, looking specifically at storage performance efficiencies. Here are just a few considerations.

The adoption of new technologies is essential to improve performance and availability, and stay competitive. Still, migrating to new storage technologies presents significant challenges since it involves data and applications, as well as people and processes. Detailed and careful planning must be done to ensure business priorities, data protection, and application data requirements are all [...]

I have shared my top 10 predictions for 2012 in my previous blog posts, but in case you missed it or want a quick review you can access my video interview on the key challenges that the industry will face this year, available here:

As noted in previous posts, capacity efficiency has two dimensions: allocation efficiency and utilization efficiency.

If you Google storage efficiencies, eventually you will get a Wikipedia definition, which describes storage efficiency as “the ability to store and manage data that consumes the least amount of space with little or no impact on performance, resulting in a lower total operational cost.”  Wikipedia also references the SNIA definition, which notes:

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