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2012 Trend: Closing the Consumption Gap Between IT Technology and Operations

by Hu Yoshida on Dec 12, 2011

Many analysts are recognizing a growing gap between technology and the ability of IT organizations to consume the product features and value that new technology can enable.


During the past few years there have been a lot of new technologies that have become available to IT operations. We have seen wide adoption of server virtualization, but even here there is a widening consumption gap. Server virtualization technology is advancing rapidly with VAAI in ESX 4 and the introduction of vSphere 5 this year. Many server virtualization users are still on ESX 3 and are not able to enjoy the benefits of VAAI or vSphere 5, either because they have not had the time to upgrade their hypervisor or upgrade their storage to support these new features.

Storage vendors have introduced thin provisioning with zero page reclaim, dynamic tiering, archiving, and de-duplication or single instance store, but many storage administrators have not implemented these capabilities even though they may be able to reduce their capital and operational costs by at least 40%.  Even worse, many users have bought the capability but have not found time or resources to implement it.

The pace of business is also increasing and organizations are driving IT to implement new technologies faster in order to be more responsive. However, this is often difficult to do when IT has been doing more with less for so many years and the operations staff is down to bare bones and reacting by jumping from one task to the next. It takes time to learn the new technologies, plan the implementation and integration with existing systems, and execute the plan. If the proper planning is not done, it can create more work and delays for IT.

Now more than ever IT must look to third party services to fill the gap and unload some of the grunt work so that their operations staffs can be properly trained to plan and execute to close the consumption gap between technology and operations. Even if you decide to outsource or offshore, you need time to become educated and do the proper planning.

Technology alone will not close the consumption gap. The planning must include people, process, services, business or financials, and governance. Here is how Hitachi Data Systems provides services to close this gap.


For Hu’s other 2012 trends, visit this bit.ly bundle: http://bitly.com/vXGP2T

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