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Archive for December, 2011

As we close out 2011, the storage industry has seen significant growth based on budgets, which were established in the beginning of the year. However, over the course of 2011, we saw natural disasters, political upheaval, and heightened economic turmoil. Companies are now looking ahead to 2012 with a great deal of uncertainty around their [...]

The big hype in 2012 will be around Big Data. The explosion of unstructured data and mobile applications will generate a huge opportunity for the creation of business value, competitive advantage, and decision support if this data can be captured, stored, managed, accessed, analyzed, and visualized. Companies that provide these capabilities for Big Data will [...]

By now it is clear that cloud is a reality with many successful implementations of cloud services. One of the most valuable benefits is the way that cloud services can be acquired—namely on demand, pay as you go, and self-service.

The number of applications that are consolidated onto a SAN attached storage frame has increased dramatically with the adoption of virtual servers. This is making it increasingly more difficult to migrate the data when the storage system needs to be refreshed. The quantity of data is in the tens or even hundreds of TBs, which [...]

Server and desktop virtualization will increase the need for enterprises to scale up storage systems as physical server demands increase. Initial installations of server virtualization were done to consolidate non-critical application servers, which were installed on lower cost modular, dual controller, storage systems. As multiple servers were virtualized and consolidated onto a single physical server, [...]

Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) combines with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to provide an “edge-to-core” data solution that eliminates the need for backup and delivers a seemingly bottomless filer on the edge of a cloud, or for remote office/branch offices.

Many analysts are recognizing a growing gap between technology and the ability of IT organizations to consume the product features and value that new technology can enable.

As you may have read already, I led off my 2012 trends blog series with a post on a “Focus on increasing storage utilization.” I have talked with many customers who have seen utilization of storage assets increase from 20% -30%, and 50% – 60% using efficiency tools such as thin provisioning, dynamic tiering, deduplication, [...]

An ABC news blog caught my eye recently. It was entitled Tech Firm implements employee “Zero Email” policy.

In 2012, power, cooling and carbon footprints will become even more critical as energy demand increases and countries begin to impose carbon taxes. IT will be asked to shoulder their share of the energy burden.

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