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Archive for November, 2011

What is Data Virtualization? Data virtualization is the separation of data from the application so that it can be maintained and accessed independent of the application. It also means that it can be accessed by other applications without the need to create additional working copies and maintain the synchronization of these extra copies. With one [...]

Storage systems will need to become storage computers as more functions are being driven down into them. Old storage architectures with general purpose controllers which service all these new functions—along with the normal I/O workload—will not be able to scale. New storage architectures with separate pools of processors will be required to handle these additional [...]

In order to facilitate convergence, applications and infrastructure we will need to be more transparent with each other in 2012 through open interfaces like APIs, client/providers, and plug-ins.

In 2012, consolidation will give way to convergence. Over the past few years IT has focused on consolidation of servers through hypervisors, as well as the consolidation of storage over SAN for cost reductions. Much of the low-hanging fruit has now been consolidated, and in order to gain further cost savings, the focus will be [...]

This is the first of a series of posts on what I expect to see in 2012 and how we can respond to these trends.

As my colleague Claus Mikkelsen wrote, HDS is holding an analyst day for financial and industry analysts, and invited some bloggers to get an update from our CEO Jack Domme and other key executives on our vision and strategy for infrastructure, content, and information cloud. We also had three customers participate in this event.

For those of us who know the Hawaiian Island of Maui, HANA is fondly remembered as that little town on the southern tip where you can buy shaved ice at Hasegawa’s general store.

Over the past few years there have been a plethora of new features and functions that provide immediate value, and reduce capital and operational costs. Technologies like thin provisioning can easily restore 40% of existing capacity by recovering allocated, unused space in a storage volume. Virtualization can move 60% to 80% of data on expensive [...]

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