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VSP Wins 2011 CRN Tech Innovation Award For Virtualization With The Help Of HCS V7

by Hu Yoshida on Oct 11, 2011

Last week VSP won the 2011 CRN Tech Innovation Award in the virtualization category. Presenting this award was Edward Moltzen of CRN’s Test Center, and accepting the award was Sean Moser, Vice President of Software Product Management at HDS.

This was timely since I had just posted on the one year anniversary of the announcement of VSP, and the award was validated by the customer acceptance, which I noted in that post.


This photo of Sean Moser (Right) accepting the award on behalf of HDS reminds us that management software played a key role in the rapid acceptance and success of VSP. Hitachi Storage Management Suite was reengineered from the ground up to meet the scaling ability and next generation use-cases enabled by the powerful VSP platform. The suite was renamed Hitachi Command Suite v7 since it now extends beyond just the management of storage. HCS v7 refactored, consolidated and streamlined management databases, as well as implemented a new multi-threaded task management engine to enhance performance. The software suite also implemented an award winning, modern Adobe flex user interface for a simpler, more efficient experience.

This management suite provides an integrated management view of file and block, utilization of virtual capacity, and also provides hypervisors and applications a view into the infrastructure.


This screen shot from our Hitachi Command Director 7 Dashboard shows Response Time SLO and Storage System performance in the upper left corner. The upper right shows the physical size of the virtual HDP storage pool, along with the virtual allocation to that pool, and the actual physical commitment in that virtual pool.

The middle left of the dashboard shows the applications that have missed their SLO, and the middle right shows the total storage system capacity.

The lower left shows the VMware Datastore overview and the Hyper-V File system overview while the lower right corner shows the HNAS Capacity overview.

If there are any questions about these panels—for instance, why an application may be missing its SLO—the administrator can click into it to drill down for more details.

VSP and HCS V7 also have SMI-S providers for third party clients who want to tap into VSP or HCS V7 management suite.

A scalable hardware architecture is a requirement for the dynamic virtualization that is required to support the cloud. Just as important is the software that can manage the end to end virtualization between applications and servers, and file and block.

Sean Moser and Roberto Basilio, our VP of Hardware, continue to work on our strategy of one platform for all data. This means a common management, protection, and search across a virtualized infrastructure, including, servers, storage, network and applications. While we have not achieved this completely, we continue to make progress with each new announcement.


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Comments (2 )

Alex Sons on 19 Oct 2011 at 10:52 pm

Dear Yu,


“Hitachi Storage Management Suite was reengineered from the ground up … The suite was renamed Hitachi Command Suite v7…”

I’m in the understanding that HCS v7 is an OEM version of Aptare? Or was Aptare being used for the former product (Storage Management Suite)?

Anyways, I certainly do like both products, VSP and Aptare. VSP for its big improvements over USP-V and Aptare for its each-of-use and ability to adjust (using scripting for more advanced users).

Hu Yoshida on 01 Nov 2011 at 12:59 pm

Thank you for your comment and endorsement of the Hitachi Command Suite V7 and our Aptare EOM products. They are separate products. Hitachi Command Suite V7 is a major enhancement of our Hitachi Storage Command Suite V6, which was developed by Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems. Aptare is an OEM product that we incorporate in our Hitachi Capacity Reporter Powered by Aptare, Hitachi Virtual Server Reporter Powered by Aptare, and our Hitachi Backup Services Manager Powered by Aptare.

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