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Virtualization – The Foundation For Cloud

by Hu Yoshida on Oct 25, 2011

With the announcement of our cloud strategy and portal, it is very obvious that virtualization is a key enabler. It frees data from the bounds of the infrastructure and from the limitations of the application so that it can be searched, accessed, and repurposed to provide information for the business.

In the infrastructure cloud we include the convergence of server as well as storage virtualization. Applications are finding that they cannot do everything themselves, and they need to have the support of storage to be more efficient in provisioning and the movement of applications. Applications also need more transparency into the infrastructure and vice versa. Up until now, an application could see a LUN but could not see through to the infrastructure behind the LUN. Infrastructure could see the LUN but could not see through to the file system. Now VMware and Symantec provide information to the infrastructure when they delete a file so that the infrastructure and storage can reallocate that file capacity to other storage consumers. Our Hitachi Command Suite software provides transparency to applications or business units into the infrastructure, so that even though the LUNs are virtualized, they can monitor the SLO, and drill down to see the physical configuration behind their virtual LUN.

The content cloud is built upon the infrastructure virtualization and goes a step further by virtualizing the data from the application and the access protocols. We virtualize the data by ingesting it into a container along with the meta-data that describes it, and the policies that govern it. This container becomes an object that can be searched, accessed, and repurposed without the application that created it. We virtualize the access protocols through the use of RESTful protocols, so that the content can be accessed through an iPhone or Android on GSM, a tablet on 3G, or a workstation on a LAN. Content can also be accessed through a CIFS or NFS front end, or searched and accessed through a virtual file system on our HNAS high performance filer.

Once we have a foundation based on the virtualization of infrastructure and application data, we are free to address the information requirements for information and big data.

Read what Miki Sandorfi has to say about our strategy and new Hitachi Cloud Services now available to help our customer realize the immediate benefits from content and infrastructure clouds, and position for future information clouds.

Want to read more about our Cloud Roadmap? Visit our bit.ly bundle here: http://bitly.com/pCt5Gk


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Drošības Eksperti on 26 Oct 2011 at 2:04 pm

[...] Hu Yoshida describes a Content Cloud’s duty like this: “The calm cloud is built on a infrastructure [...]

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