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Weighing In On VAAI

by Hu Yoshida on Sep 21, 2011

This morning there were two interesting blog postings around VAAI.

The first one was from Scott Lowe of EMC, which sets the record straight around the speculation of what vendors are in or out on future VMware virtualization – storage integration development. As one of the five vendors who participated in the vVol session #VSP 3205 at VMworld earlier this month, he states:

… just because HDS or any other vendor didn’t participate (which might indicate that the vendor chose not to participate) does not mean that they are somehow excluded from future inclusion in the development of this proposed new storage architecture.”

I respect Scott’s integrity and his professionalism in clearing up the rumors and speculation that came out of that session.

Michael Heffernan recently posted on my blog and stated why we chose not to participate in that particularhuu session on vVol. To recap, this API requires a radical change in design, and introduces the concept of a storage container with modifications to the control path, which requires many considerations for a storage vendor.  We chose not to participate since we felt that we needed to do more R&D and design verification to see what the impact of this would be to our customers.

The second interesting post was by Chris Evans, who noted that while it is great to understand where vendors are heading in the future, it is most relevant to know how VAAI support works today. Chris also asks vendor bloggers to:

  • Provide real-world performance figures that show VAAI acceleration
  • Indicate how VAAI is prioritized/throttled from flooding a storage array
  • Explain how block copy functions are secure

Chris concludes by promising to follow up on that last block copy bullet in another post, and puts the focus back on how well the vendor’s VAAI support works.

I am happy to see the focus coming back to how we support VAAI, and the value of that support to our customers.

Heff and I will follow up with more on this in future posts, so check back soon.

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