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HDS to Demo vSphere 5 at VMworld 2011, Booth #533

by Hu Yoshida on Aug 26, 2011

In the past 24 hours VMware released vSphere 5, and those attending VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas will get to see this in action at the HDS booth (#533). While I won’t be attending this show, I am excited that HDS will be demonstrating the true power of our servers and storage with vSphere 5 (for more on HDS experts who are attending, sessions and general HDS at VMworld info, check out more information on Slideshare).

At the show, HDS will be demonstrating an impressive end-to-end stack consisting of Hitachi Compute Blades and AMS 2300 fully integrated into vSphere 5. Now with the Hitachi formula we can provide a robust cloud infrastructure to take advantage of these new features within vSphere 5, and coupled with the new Hitachi vCenter plugin and the new VASA provider, it becomes an easy and simple infrastructure for VMware admins to manage.

As we all know, it has been challenging for storage configuration with ESX and trying to understand the size of datastores and load balancing within the array. Using the new features with vSphere 5, coupled with the Storage API’s and vCenter plugin, we will showcase a high performance and scalable infrastructure that is very simple and easy to use for VMware admins.

Below is a diagram of this solution:


This entire demo is focused on the following key benefits for the VMware admin:

1) Fast, easy deployment - Provisioning of large data stores to an ESXi 5.0 Cluster through vCenter to the AMS 2300

2) Virtual machine to storage correlation – Displaying the ease of correlation through vCenter for the Storage Array -> VM -> Server mapping for VM to Storage management

3) Performance and availability with vMotion – Illustrating simultaneous vMotions between datastores in the ESXi 5.0 Cluster using Tier 1 applications

4) High density VM’s using linked clones - Demonstrating the density of linked clones per Hitachi Blade Server using VMware View within a single Datastore

So come by our booth and meet our VMware team, headed up by Michael Heffernan, who is a frequent contributor to this blog. Also, our exclusive VMworld mobile site is now live, where you can view more VMware and vSphere 5 related content and connect with us during the conference.

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Comments (3 )

Cris on 26 Aug 2011 at 7:01 pm

Hu, other than basic provisioning tasks and VASA integration, what functionality will the plugin and the provider have to simply the VMware admins life?

Hu Yoshida on 29 Aug 2011 at 7:34 am

Hello Cris, in the case of vSphere 5 and Hitachi storage arrays, the VMware administrator’s life can be simplified by having the storage array and vSphere 5 do the grunt work of provisioning and tuning the VMDK’s.

With VMFS 5 there is no longer a 2TB limitation for the datastore size. The maximum is now 64TB. Putting this into a formula using the combination with VAAI + HDP we can create a large virtual pool to serve a large VMFS volume.

So what does this mean for the VMware admin? An ESXi 5 cluster can now have large datastores that have HW thin provisioning and wide striping for VM’s. Not only does this provide high levels of performance for random I/O, and efficient utilization of capacity, it makes life simple as the VMware administrator no longer needs to go back to the storage admin for every additional 2TB of storage. The array will monitor the commitment of physical storage and when more storage is required, HDP will automatically re-balance the pool.

Cris on 29 Aug 2011 at 4:24 pm

Thanks Hu

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