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Archive for July, 2011

I recently talked to a Director of a regional bank who came to our Executive Briefing Center to learn more about our storage virtualization solutions with Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). He described the following problem to me.

On July 12, we blogged about the vSphere V5 announcement. In my last post, I talked about the ability of  storage virtualization to add new capabilities, like the support of vSphere, to lower level resources. Today, Michael Heffernan is back to explain what you need to look for in storage systems to get the full [...]

The products recently announced by EMC and IBM all feature Serial Attached SCSI and SAS for back-end disk connections, which Hitachi introduced with our AMS 2000 midrange storage system over a year ago and with Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) enterprise storage system last September.

Last month, I was invited to speak to the St. Louis Super Computer Group, by Gary Stiehr, who is the founder of this user group and the Information Systems Group leader at The Genome Institute at Washington University in St Louis. Hitachi Data Systems and our partner Enterprise Consulting Group were sponsors of this event.

VMware’s announcement of vSphere 5 is a major step toward closer integration between server and storage virtualization. This integration is enabled through their extension of open APIs for vStorage. Hitachi has been working closely with VMware to leverage new vSphere 5 benefits with our AMS and VSP virtualization storage systems. The combination of vSphere 5 [...]

As a long time storage person the notion of “thou shalt not lose data!” was ingrained in me. In my last trip to Chicago, I came across an example of where this is not true. It is in the mach speed world of investment trading. In this world should something happen that takes down the system, [...]

Whenever I talk about VSP I point out the new pool of global processors that is integrated on the switch matrix of VSP controller. The function of this processor pool of quad core Intel processors, which we identify as Virtual Storage Directors, is to offload the general functions like page level tiering, replication, in-system copy, [...]

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