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Archive for June, 2011

Automated tiering is one of the hot technologies for 2011, with all the major storage vendors providing this in one form or another. Automated tiering generally refers to the ability to move parts of a LUN or volume to different cost tiers of storage based upon the I/O activity against that part of the LUN. [...]

Most people understand what we mean by the virtualization of storage. Virtualization of storage enables us to separate the application and data from the management of the storage infrastructure. Now we can tier, expand, tune, replicate, and refresh storage infrastructure without disruption to the application or data.

The IDG Computerworld Honors Program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic, and educational change. I would like to extend my congratulations to our customers who were selected this year as Computerworld Honors Laureate award winners in the Business Responsiveness category. The winners include Epworth HealthCare of Australia, Qualcomm in the U.S., [...]

Today we announced Hitachi converged data center solutions to enable our customers to realize faster time to business value. These converged solutions initially will focus on Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft Exchange, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. A key part of this announcement is the introduction of Hitachi Compute Blade, which has been a [...]

This week, I had a chance to sit down to talk with Roberto Basilio, our Vice President of Product Management for Storage Hardware. Among other things, Roberto was responsible for working with our developers in Japan and managing the launch of our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). We talked about why we have been so successful with VSP.

Many IT departments acquire storage on a three year or five year cycle. They refresh their storage on this cycle, because after three years, the cost of buying new storage is lower than the cost of maintaining their existing storage. That means they buy all their storage requirements for the next three or five years [...]

As we talk to customers about data center transformation through virtualization for tiering, migration, and dynamic provisioning, one issue that comes up is the problem of decommissioning applications. We make it easier to move to new applications and infrastructure, but what about the old applications that we need to decommission?

If you were to describe Hitachi Data Systems, which of the following answers would you choose? a) A Computer Company

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