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Making a Deeper Commitment to Our Partners

by Hu Yoshida on May 17, 2011

When Storage Area Networks were being introduced over 10 years ago, Hitachi recognized that a new storage architecture would be required to support the networking and scalability requirements of this new technology. So Hitachi introduced an internal switch architecture with our Lightning 9900 family of enterprise storage products to meet these new demands. Hitachi also recognized the need for common management, collaboration, and cooperation in a new world where multiple vendors shared the same network infrastructure.

All of this was defined under the Hitachi TrueNorth vision and strategic direction, which consisted of three pillars: intelligent storage systems, common management, and collaborative partnerships. It was at this time that the TrueNorth Partnership Program was born. As we move into the next major technology and business phase of Cloud, Hitachi is introducing enhancements to this successful partnership program to help our customer migrate to this new model.

Here is Mike Walkey, Senior Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances to introduce the enhancements that we are making to this program. -Hu

mike-walkeyToday, we launched a new initiative called The Hitachi TrueNorth Specialization Program, which enables partners to plan, architect, implement and offer customers value-added services and solutions with leading-edge technology from Hitachi Data Systems. This announcement not only marks a significant enhancement for our award winning TrueNorth Partner Program, but also marks a deeper commitment to our partner community.

Empowering partners to deliver services themselves is not a new concept for us.  We have always believed in our partner network and are fully aware that the specific strategic market expertise that network can represent is far beyond what Hitachi Data Systems could ever hope to duplicate on its own.

Personally, as I have met with our partners across the globe, I have heard numerous stories where other vendors have not only neglected the partner role in service delivery, but actually have taken steps to remove them out of such deals all together.  In those conversations, I heard the needs of our partners in a big way.  It is a competitive and intense market out there.  We need to do everything we can to allow them to participate in it with diversity, agility and expertise.

Encouraging such partner participation falls within Hitachi’s core value system as well:

  • WA (trust): We need to trust our Partners to take our intellectual property and present it in the market with integrity.
  • Makoto (fairness): We cannot have a culture where we take special privileges as the vendor and force our Partners to compete against us.  We are one team.
  • Kaitakusho-Seishun (Pioneering Spirit): We realize we are breaking new ground here, but we believe in the quality of our technology, the power of our strategy and the support of the partners who represent us in over one hundred countries across the globe.

So, today we are giving partners the opportunity to become certified in a combination of specializations to provide customized services and solutions to their customers in the areas of virtualization, migration, file and content, and application/vertical solutions. Customers can look for exciting things this year from Hitachi Data Systems — and not just from us directly, but from the trusted solution providers that they call in to answer their most unique and complex needs.

Mike Walkey leads Hitachi Data Systems growing indirect sales organization, forging a strategy to define addressable markets, align closely with the direct sales organization as well as product development and engineering groups to deliver a unified strategy for products, solutions, partnerships and a consistent go to market strategy. Walkey was promoted to the Global Channels position in 2008 after leading the company’s global outreach to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

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Comments (2 )

Jeff Hixon on 17 May 2011 at 11:15 am

This program really looks good. It’s central to a true partner/Channel program. Looks like you are heading in the right direction, I only wish others would follow. Remember it’s the partner who is most important.

Mike Walkey on 23 May 2011 at 1:18 pm

Thanks, Jeff. We are continuously looking at innovations to further empower our Partners.

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