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Archive for April, 2011

Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group noted in a recent article on SearchStorage.com that most IT people still view storage tiering as external tiering where an application’s data is stored on a tier of storage depending on its storage requirement. I have also run into that perception, especially with non Hitachi customers who have not seen [...]

When I tell people this they have visions of my wife doing exercises with her android phone. In this brave new world, she can do this without breaking a sweat. She did this by downloading an app that helped her count the calories on her plate before every meal. By watching her calorie intake she [...]

VMware provides many benefits in server consolidation, performance, scalability, availability, and ease of use. However, this introduces a greater demand on storage systems, since standalone host servers that once had their own LUNs now share a VMFS file system (datastore), which requires the single LUN to provide a solid high performance foundation for the consolidated [...]

I recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by John Foley, who is a former lead pilot for the famous Blue Angels, the Navy precision flying team. John is a motivational speaker who talks about how the teamwork that is required for performance as a member of the Blue Angels can be translated to [...]

Ros Schulman is our leading expert on disaster recovery and business continuance. Many of you may have heard her speak at different events or had her visit your business to provide an update on our DR capabilities.  I asked her if she would give her perspective on the recent disasters in Japan. Here is her [...]

John Furrier of Silicon Angle published an insightful review of the Cisco announcement last week. He noted that Cisco did a great job on the social media news release for this launch with many of the partners posting blogs supporting this launch. He “sees hints that there is a change from a vendor lock in [...]

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