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Archive for February, 2011

Over the last two months, I have made two trips to Asia, visiting nearly all the major countries in the region.  I was impressed with the growth and the opportunities that I saw as I visited many of our customers. A recurring theme in all these countries was the increasing need to reduce power consumption [...]

I am very pleased this morning to tell you about a new, fun 3D comic book called Trapped in the Data Vortex, which features Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and the Fantastic Four superheroes from Marvel. It is being launched today globally.

By Michael Heffernan Well, there certainly has been quite a bit of dialogue in blog circles and on Twitter this week about our recent announcement of VAAI certification on Hitachi VSP with external storage.  Predictably, much of this came from competitors on our statement that Hitachi is the only storage vendor to support all three [...]

By Michael Heffernan Yesterday, we announced VAAI certification of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform both for the product itself and when used with external storage.  As stated in yesterday’s accompanying blog post, we are the only storage vendor to support all three of the VAAI “primitives” on a virtualized storage platform.  We think it’s a big [...]

Those of you who frequently visit the VMware HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) website for SVD or Storage Virtualization Devices will have noticed that the Hitachi VSP is listed for ESX 4.1 with a footnote. That footnote will have a very important impact on where, when, and how you can use VMware with existing storage systems.

Recently, a customer showed me an EMC slide that described Hitachi VSP as monolithic storage architecture versus the modular architecture of the VMAX. The implication was that monolithic was bad while modular was good. Another misconception is that modular systems can scale while monolithic systems do not scale.

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