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Archive for November, 2010

Each year, I like to take a look at the storage industry and provide my thoughts on what I think will be the key trends to watch for in the coming year. So, as 2010 comes to a close, here are my thoughts on the top trends for 2011 that we’ll see around the transformation [...]


Last week as I was traveling to Odawara, Japan, where our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) development is located, I saw the following advertisement in the Tokyo subway station. I don’t read Japanese very well, but I think it says,” New 3D Storage.”

Ever since David Floyer of Wikibon published the chart below, there has been a lot of interest in the dramatic reduction in power and cooling, which comes from our implementation of Small Form Factor, 2.5 Inch hard disk drives.

Until now, there have been two basic types of storage architectures -  modular two controller storage systems with separate controller caches, and enterprise storage systems with multiple controllers and a global cache, which shared one cache image of data with multiple controllers. The modular storage system was designed for direct attach to open systems workstations. [...]

The enterprise storage market is quickly moving toward Serial Attached SCSI, SAS, Small Form Factor, SFF, 2.5 inch drives, and large capacity SATA disks. Both our AMS 2000 modular storage arrays and our recently announced Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) support SAS, SSF, and SATA drives. IBM quickly followed our lead with the announcement of SAS [...]

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