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3D Scaling on Launch Day

by Hu Yoshida on Sep 29, 2010

This week, we announced the new Virtual Storage Platform which is the follow on to the USP V and USP VM, along with the new version of the Hitachi Command Suite at our first Hitachi Information Forum in Santa Clara.

The theme of our announcement was 3D scaling, or scale up, scale out, and scale deep for both our hardware and management platforms.


HDS CEO Jack Domme

In addition to presentations from Jack Domme, our CEO, on our vision for transformation from data center to a content center to an information center; Ishigaki-san, our Chief Executive for Hitachi Americas who spoke on our 100-year commitment to innovation, and my presentation on the announcement, we had  Colin Everett, Head of IT Infrastructure for Lloyds Banking Group, Gary Sloat, SVP of IT Operations for BB&T, Harish Shetty, EVP of IT for HDFC Bank, and Jim Livingston, Director of IT for University of Utah Health Care who all spoke to our ability to scale and provide value to their real business problems (check out some great videos here from Wikibon and SiliconANGLE).


Ishigaki-san, CEO Hitachi Americas


Customer Panel

The technology partners who supported us on this event also echoed this theme of 3D scaling.  We had Ian Whiting, SVP of Worldwide Sales from Brocade, Patrick Schlight, Sr. Director of US Independent Software Vendors from Microsoft, Wendy Bahr, SVP of Global and Transformational Partnerships, David Tuhy, GM, Data Center Group, Storage at Intel and Parag Patel, VP of Global Strategic Alliances from VMware. Our “scale deep” theme is around our ability to extend our scale up and scale out capability to externally attached storage. “Scale deep” also supports our direction towards closer integration with our technology partners.


David Tuhy, Intel

Parag Patel, VMware

Parag Patel, VMware

An example of this deeper integration is our support of VMware’s vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), which enables VMware to offload some of their functions to the VSP in order to increase their performance and scalability. Through their Block Zeroing/Write Same command, they can offload the formatting of virtual disks to the VSP and save about 85% of the I/Os that the VMware server would have to issue to do this task. Their Fast Full Copy VAAI will enable 18 percent faster cloning of virtual machines, copies, and storage vMotion, and their Hardware Locking Offload VAAI will enable 24 to 35 percent more virtual machines per cluster by removing the SCSI Reserve bottleneck.

Parag Patel from VMware told the audience that we were the first storage virtualization vendor to certify with VMware and were with them when they released the VAAI’s with support in our AMS 2000 products at day 1.

While the VAAI’s are open APIs and are available to any vendor, our Virtual Storage Platform will be the only storage system that will be able to scale to support the increase in workload that these APIs will release.   Whenever you release a bottleneck at one level, you push that bottleneck down to the next level.  The VSP will not only be able to release some of these bottlenecks by offloading these tasks, but its 3D scaling will ensure that storage will not be the next bottleneck.

3D scaling seems to have struck a strong chord since it speaks to the need to scale in depth through virtualization and closer integration with applications, server, and networks.

What do you think of the new VSP and 3D scaling? Did you watch the Hitachi Information Forum event? If you missed it, you can see some additional pictures here.

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Comments (3 )

Steven Ruby on 30 Sep 2010 at 9:03 am

AWESOME stuff! Unfortunately didn’t get to meet you at Birks sunday night. Did meet Jack and a few others though.

The drums were really loud though after a late night.

Looking forward to our new VSP’s hitting the datacenter floor in the next few months.

Nigel Poulton on 11 Oct 2010 at 4:51 am

Hu, I’m pretty sure sure that VAAI stands for vStorage API for Array Integration. I might be wrong, but you might want to check, as it doesn’t look great for your VMware story if you can’t get the linog right.

Hubert Yoshida on 13 Oct 2010 at 9:52 am

Thanks Nigel, I stand corrected.

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