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Archive for September, 2010

This week, we announced the new Virtual Storage Platform which is the follow on to the USP V and USP VM, along with the new version of the Hitachi Command Suite at our first Hitachi Information Forum in Santa Clara.

Today is a major step forward in the transformation of the data center. With a clear understanding of the transformation that is currently underway in the IT industry, Hitachi Data Systems is introducing a unique platform of both hardware and software that delivers unprecedented levels of scalability and performance for a truly end to end [...]

I began this series on data center transformation citing Andy Kyte from Gartner, who warned of a coming train wreck if we do not modernize our data centers. Then in part 2, I talked about the transformation of servers with the movement to virtual servers and multi-core Intel processors. In the next post, I talked [...]

Aside from the investments in software and hardware, data center transformation will take some investment in processes and people. The best way to address process is to follow ITIL best practices and reporting. If you are not using ITIL, you need to define and document your own best practices and follow them. The people part [...]

Data Center transformation will not happen if we do not invest in the right technologies. In my previous posts, I have talked about some of these technologies — server virtualization, storage virtualization, dynamic provisioning — and the need to integrate them into a common pool of resources.

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Hu Yoshida
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