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Archive for May, 2010

A Computerworld article by Bernard Golden highlights an IDC report that says that the “digital Universe” will grow by 1.2 zeta bytes or 1.2 million peta bytes in 2010. One of the biggest issues with this increasing data growth is the ability to search for that particular piece of data that you need. Especially when this data [...]

Meet Ray

The downturn in the economy has been difficult for many IT shops as it has been for many of the storage vendors. Our strategy during this downturn has been to focus on the needs of our customers and help them increase the utilization of their storage assets and reduce their operational costs.  

Five Requirements for Storage Virtualization In my previous blog, I identified the following requirements for Storage Virtualization. The first two requirements were already identified by SNIA in 2001. The additional three requirements are addressed by Hitachi in our implementation of Storage virtualization in the USP V/VM. These five requirements are:

SNIA defined storage virtualization in 2001 and focused on two important requirements. First was the abstraction of storage functions to enable application and network independent management of storage and data. Second was the application of virtualization to add new capabilities to lower level storage resources. From the SNIA Dictionary

100 Years of Success

As you likely already know, Hitachi Ltd, our parent company, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. This is a remarkable achievement which very few companies have attained. This is particularly amazing considering all that has happened to the world in the past 100 years. How does a company survive through geo political upheavals of [...]

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