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Transition from Sun to Oracle

by Hu Yoshida on Mar 5, 2010

This week we shared with our partners that Oracle and HDS will not renew the current distribution agreement for our Enterprise Storage platform that we had with Sun Microsystems prior to the Oracle acquisition. That agreement expires on March 31. We have enjoyed a very good relationship with Sun over the past nine years and have many joint customers whom we consider as our own. Oracle has ongoing capability to service their installations beyond the end of the Sun contract and we will continue to work with them to ensure that these customers receive the same high level service and support. Our main priority with Oracle is to ensure that our customers are supported during this transition.

This transition should not be a surprise in view of our different priorities in the market. Oracle is focused on database applications and information while Hitachi data Systems is focused on Information Infrastructure and Virtualization. While our focus is different they are complimentary and present an opportunity for collaboration in areas like application integration and optimization. We are actively engage in exploring those opportunities and hope to share more information about this in the coming months.

Remaining true to our core competence is a key message that I remember being attributed to Scott McNealy in a talk many years ago. In that talk he showed a triangle where each point of the triangle was a core competence. One was technology; the other two were supply chain and service. His premise was that as long as you remain at the tip, you had no competition, but as you migrated away from that tip you encountered more and more competition.

I will have many fond memories and appreciation for the people that I knew at Sun and of the innovations that came out of that company. I wish them well as they transition into Oracle and look forward to working with them in an expanded relationship.

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Harpreet Singh on 18 May 2010 at 9:47 am

Sun Micro system was one of the best support to the enterprise users since the last 9 years, However due to the transition from Sun to Oracle, user might face many issues as Sun GRC provides a complete support to the users.It might be difficult for Oracle to provide the same support as provided by SUN GRC. So i believe if Oracle provides support to Sun GRC, Sun systems will be one of the best Enterprise Support in the world. However it is the best support up till now but it may gain more name in the IT industry and will become a brand ambassador for all the Sun users as well in the IT industry.

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