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Archive for October, 2009

SearchStorage ANZ’s Simon Sharwood posted an article referencing a NetApp presentation which was posted on a public RSS feed that NetApp provides for its user community.

I visited a customer last week who was trying to run four 6 node ESX clusters with 200 to 240 instances per cluster on a large modular storage system.  It was not surprising that the modular storage system could not support that workload. That type of workload  needs to be run on a monolithic storage array [...]

In April I wrote about our “Switch IT On” program, which provides free software licenses to help current and new USP V customers leverage virtualization across their existing HDS and third party storage assets. The program has proven to be so successful that HDS decided to add Switch IT On II, and both programs will [...]

Monolithic Storage Systems Developed for Mainframe Virtualization Having been in the storage industry for some time now, I have the benefit of historical perspective. I started out when mainframe storage was the only external storage available. Mainframes were the original virtual server, built for running multiple partitions of concurrent applications which drove tremendous I/O loads [...]

Hitachi Data Systems announced a new portfolio of cloud technologies that delivers an integrated set of storage services across block, files and content storage to support cloud computing and enable organizations to implement cloud services at their own pace.

On my previous post, which was titled, I Agree With Chuck on Data Dedupe” I received a fair number of comments. Some were from Jered Floyd of Permabit and even one from Steve Duplessie . My post was intended to point out that while dedupe was an excellent tool for reducing storage bloat, it was [...]

Chuck Hollis had an interesting observation on deduplication of primary data and I/O density. He points out that while deduplication is great for backup, archive, and large file repositories, it might not be as great for primary data. His reasoning is that dedupe can cause an increase in I/O density which may impact the performance [...]

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