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Archive for August, 2009

The term enterprise storage is thrown around as though it is a well understood term. Every storage vendor claims to have enterprise storage. When we turn to wikipedia for a definition of enterprise storage we find it is very general. It says:

There has been a lot of discussion around tiered storage after my last blog on that subject.  Stephen Foskett and Carter George have posted, suggesting different approaches to tiered storage. All of us agree that unstructured data and content data are making up a larger portion of our storage requirements and we have to find [...]

Tiered Storage is one of the best ways to reduce storage costs if it can be done dynamically. By dynamically I mean the ability to move data between different cost tiers of storage without disruption to the application. This type of tiering requires storage virtualization. Without storage virtualization, the movement of data between tiers requires [...]

Last year, 2008, the Hitachi Asia Pacific organization held their first IT Inspiration Awards at their CIO Summit in Cebu, Philippines to recognize the leadership which goes into the deployment of technology that drives business value.

The storage pyramid has been used to describe the hierarchy of storage products since the beginning of modern storage history. Basically it is a pyramid which maps storage products against total industry storage capacity. The tip of the pyramid is the fastest performing and usually most expensive storage product and lower levels in the pyramid [...]

On my last post on Chunk Size Matters, Vinod Subramaniam had the following comment:

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