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Archive for July, 2009

The most touted benefit of thin provisioning is the ability to save storage capacity that is allocated but unused, and there have been wars over which vendor’s approach is more thin friendly. Often these arguments revolve around whose “chunklet” size is smaller, since the conventional thinking is that the smaller the chunklet size, the more [...]

President Obama’s agenda for Information technology includes the following three initiatives. 1)      Focus on citizens first. Connect citizens to services, not to agencies. 2)      Deliver on the promise of a transparent democracy. Democratize data and put it at the fingertips of citizens. 3)      Embark on a technology revolution. Deploy agile technology and process.

Kevin Eggelston, the Senior VP and General Manager of the Asia Pacific Region for HDS, is one of the keynote speakers for the series of User Conferences that are underway in this region. The title of his presentation is “Prepare for the rebound: APAC Business Strategy and Vision.

This week HDS started a series of user conferences in the Asia Pacific region. The first event was in Jakarta and the second event was in Singapore. Attendance was up considerably, over last year’s events. Not only were there more customers, there were more resellers and ISV partners participating in these events which reflected our [...]

ComputerWorld published an interesting article entitled: The Lost NASA Tapes: Restoring Lunar Images after 40 years in the vault.

In a recent post by Martin Glassborow in Storagebod, he reviews the advantages of storage virtualization as provided by the USP V and IBM SVC, and ends with the following speculation:

All thin provisioning implementations have overhead associated with tagging and mapping the chunks or pages that are used to provision a virtual volume.  Some also have additional overhead to handle the RAID protection that supports these pages or chunks. In this post I will explain what Hitachi does to address these overheads.

This year I have been seeing more and more of our USP V customers turning on their Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning license and enjoying the benefits of thin provisioning. One web B2B was able to half their existing storage down to 4 frames while increasing their usable TB from 133 to 236 TB. While the amount [...]

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