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Archive for June, 2009

Note: This post was updated on 6/30/09. This morning Hitachi Data Systems announced some new enhancements to the AMS 2000 modular storage platform. These new enhancements include Dynamic Provisioning, Dense Expansion Trays, AMS 2500DC for NEBS compliance, 8Gbs FC storage ports, and security enhancements. Since we began shipping the AMS 2000 platform in October of [...]

USP V users are finding it easy to free up 30% to 40 % of existing storage capacity with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning. The best part is that they can convert their current “fat”, over allocated, volumes to thin provisioned volumes with, no down time to do migration, no rezoning of the SAN, and little or no [...]

Today, Hitachi Data Systems announced a new service offering called Storage Reclamation Services to help users reclaim allocated but unused space. This service uses a feature of our Dynamic Provisioning product called, Zero Page Reclaim. Zero Page Reclaim is used after a migration or restore of a normal volume into a Dynamic Provisioning pool where [...]

Beth Pariseau posted a comment about IDC’s recent report on the drop off in external storage revenue in the 1st quarter of 2009. IDC reported that 1st quarter revenues for external storage declined by $5.6 B, or 18.2 %. It was noted by Beth that all but two of the top five major vendors, Dell [...]

Last night I watched the NBC special ” Inside the Obama White House” . If you didn’t see it click on the link above and checkout some of the videos from that program. The first segment introduces you to the staff, with young twenty type staffers, and everyone on Blackberrys.

Last week I was in Switzerland to visit customers to see what was working and what we needed to improve. Since many of our customers there are banks, there was a lot of interest in our High Availability Manager announcement which makes it possible to fail over nondisruptively to a remote site. The application server just [...]

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