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Archive for May, 2009

Yesterday, Hitachi announced the ability to cluster USP V/VM for high availability and non disruptive migration between current and future USP V/VM storage controllers. 

A cluster of challenges

How scalable is a cluster of cache controllers when you need performance? The initial description of V-Max, describes it as a cluster of two controller systems that can in turn cluster to very large configurations. The challenges of a cluster of storage controllers is maintaining cache consistencies.

As part of my job, I try to find ways to communicate the benefits and challenges of technology and business models, so I am always on the lookout for more effective ways to do this.

In order to reduce costs, more and more users are looking to server and storage virtualization to enable consolidation, improve utilization, simplify operations, improve performance, and deliver improved data protection and availability.  While server and storage virtualization can be implemented separately, an integrated end-to-end server to storage virtualization can drive higher efficiencies for business continuity [...]

While I was in Australia earlier this month, the ANZ Marketing Manager, Tim Smith showed me this website that HDS Australia is sponsoring to reach the SMB market. It is called trueittales.com.

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